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Meaning of sunflower image in digitizing embroidery

Meaning of sunflower image in digitizing embroidery
Sunflower, the flower of the sun - even in its name, there is also exuding meaning of a flower being always toward the sun; that is the reason why it is often a symbol of loyalty, deeply faithful, and it also represents power, authority, warmth, and pride. Moreover, Sunflower is also a symbol of life longevity, intense - towards a sunny shine location also mean being proud of new coming day.
Therefore, a lot of embroidery digitizing patterns can be made for the motifs of sunflower with many other different meanings. Sunflower is native to North America about 5,000 years ago. The big flowers with yellow petals surrounding a circular plate of dark yellow, brown or purple which belong to a group of plants with the scientific name is Helianthus, by combining with the two Greek words: "helios" means sun and "anthos" means the flowers. That is the reason why people called them like this: sunflowers are always facing the sun.
Sunflower meanings vary according to the different cultures. The indigenous people in Central and North America pressed sunflower oil for food, pharmaceuticals and dyes. In China, Sunflower is seen as a symbol of longevity. In the South American Andes, we can also find the image of yellow sunflowers in the temple.
Indians living on North American often placed bowls of sunflower seeds on the grave of the dead people to help them come to the sky for a better life after death. It is also said that if a girl put 3 sunflower seeds down under her back when sleeping, then she can have the opportunity to marry the first boy she met. The sunflower grows and blooms are turning in the direction of the sun as a faith of life: live and always rise up, always believe and hope for a bright future ahead. People love sun flower not only because it is one of the very beautiful flowers, but also because of its intense lifestyle always toward the sun to catch sunshine for their livelihoods. It is the only flower in the world in the form bright just like yellow sunshine.
Sunflower digitizing paintings can be hung in many places in the room as children bedroom, living room, dining room or any meeting place for family reunion’s occasion. In the office, you can use sunflower digitizing painting to increase the inspired works, determination and increase inspiration for the work with abundant hope and wish.
Therefore Sunflowers have always been a widely interesting topic to fully exploit as each sample in the form of embroidery digitizing paintings actually.

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