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Meaning of birds in embroidery digitizing

Meaning of birds in embroidery digitizing
According to feng shui meaning, birds always show the endless power of the earth, and every species of bird has its own significance for the Feng Shui in your house. The ancient people chose birds to express inspiration, freedom, longing wish to be united with the divine. Each bird has its own meaning in feng shui significance. In the conception of traditional feng shui, birds are considered as a symbol of the power of new opportunities, especially when you are faced with time. Birds are considered as a symbol of charming status and wealthy life.
Longevity Crane in digitizing embroidery:
Five Elements: This painting represents Feng shui with Jupiter or Mercury networks to bring luck in career.
Meaning: the crane digitizing image symbolizes longevity, happiness and health. Crane paintings hang in every home can help members stay healthy, happy, long-lived centenarians for their grandparents.
The lovebirds in digitizing painting:
You can find a lot digitizing pictures of bird couple because everyone wants to decorate the double widgets, with the desire to bring good sense for happy family life.
Hanging paintings couples in the Southwest corner of the bedroom will create good energy to foster your love life, especially with cavity digitizing paintings or a couple of wooden bedroom set. Just note that only use one pair, not one or three at the same time. The reason is because people believe just hang or display one will lead to forever live alone, and three objects in the marriage function will have the meaning of inserted the third person into the relationship.
Phoenix in digitizing painting:
Phoenix is often described as a legendary bird with solid neck, turtles back, fish tail with five colors and six feet height. It symbolizes the six material today such as: the head is the sky, the eyes are the Sun, the Moon is the back, the wind is as the wings, legs and tail are appeared in digitizing embroidery painting as the land in the planet. Its feather colors represent the five elements (with black, white, red, green and yellow).
If the phoenix digitizing image were used to decorate the homes, it symbolizes loyalty and honesty of the people living in that house. Phoenix is also a symbol of virtue and grace, elegance, and represents the harmony of yin and yang. According to legend, it only appears in times of peace and prosperity. In ancient time, people may find the image of a phoenix in the decoration of the royal wedding or the dragon because it is considered the dragon and phoenix (Queen) as the symbol of happy relationship between husband and wife, a kind of metaphor of yin and yang.
Being considered as one of the four sacred animals (dragon, unicorn, turtle, phoenix) and also the king of the birds, the phoenix represents the ability to recover after failure resilience, the ruins rise from the ashes. In Feng Shui, the phoenix's body evokes in the human virtues: the head represents virtue, wings symbolize a sense of responsibility and obligation, the back is the ingenious cores, the chest is humanity and compassion and abdomen indicate reliability. Phoenix captured both the supply of the sky and the south, and in accordance with the fire of the South, associated with the Sun, with warmth and joy for the summer to get a bumper crop.
If you want to place the image of a phoenix in the house, just put them in a high place, on a shelf or cabinet. You can also place the phoenix digitizing paintings in the south along the house walls or hanging in the living room. If you cannot find the appropriate digitizing painting of phoenix, you can also hang a picture of a peacock or a rooster instead.
Mandarin ducks in digitizing embroideryMandarin Ducks are considered as "love" birds in feng shui, the ancient ways of the most popular feng shui methods for love and romance.
Mandarin Ducks symbolize devotion, honesty and love for life. We always used them in pairs and supply of conditionality. Mandarin duck digitizing icon should be placed in the bedroom.

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