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Images of birds and flowers in folk form of embroidery digitizers

Images of birds and flowers in folk form of embroidery digitizers
According to feng shui , birds and flowers show us the endless power of the earth, and any species of them has its own significance for the Feng Shui of the house. From ancient time, people chose birds to express inspiration, freedom, longing to be united with the divine. Each bird has its own meaning in feng shui. In the conception of traditional feng shui, birds are considered as a symbol of the power of new opportunities, especially when you are facing with the bad time. Birds are considered a symbol of charming love and wealth. The famous bird: rooster
According to Feng Shui concepts, rooster is a symbol of metal - very powerful for people who carry the Water Sign. The symbols or digitizing embroidery pictures of cocks with regal posture creditors, you should exhibit in the west of the room with will be attracted fortune for homeowners, maintains a firm in the work and in life, to prevent rumors and fro distraction to the work and life marriage in the family.
Welcome to the dawn of crowing roosters always signaled for good luck which is also considered as good things and preventing of energy sources around the string, hence the rooster went on in the minds of everyone in the good belief.
Rooster symbol in feng shui is often used to promote the career advancement. If you take the time to observe a digitizing picture of rooster with the other chickens crowing in the sand, you have probably seen them look really like the boss, right?
Roosters always wake up very early to announce a new date and dispel the darkness and haze. Therefore, the rooster is a symbol of the ability to avoid evil spirits somehow.
The well-known flower: peony
The peony flower is considered as the lord of the flower family, which is also the royal flower and symbol of luxury and happiness.
According to feng shui, peony flower is one of the forms for regal elegance, a symbol of wealth, prosperity and beauty. With the beauty of peony flower, people usually use it as the lifetime for wealthy symbol. Or, in the occasion of opening, people usually give each other some digitizing paintings to wish for growing wealth and prosperity...
Peony was named as the princesses of flowers. This flower actually represents elegance, noble, passionate attraction, feelings of powerful youthfulness. Essence of it brings the beauty, glamor and good luck in love. So, placing the peony statue or digitizing picture in the South-West of the bedroom can bring good luck to your love.
Therefore, in the world of feng shui items, peony is known as the wealth and love items.
Peony is also used as a feng shui gas for couples in love. Hanging shaped peony digitizing pictures symbolizes fidelity, pure love and good karmic.
If we hang peony digitizing paintings in the living room, it would make the room more radiant and smooth to bring better luck for the owner.
The combination of the two icons being known as rooster and peony in the same digitizing pictures show the implication of bringing luck in business as well as happiness in family life.

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