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The meaning of horse in feng shui digitizing paintings

The meaning of horse in feng shui digitizing paintings
The digitizing embroideries of eight horses symbolizing for success usually put image into the expression for the increase in money, finance and operate the promotion in career.
In the history, horses image in digitizing pictures are worthy its whole life to admire: Genghis Khan always associated with the horse in any war. Han Xin is also indispensable for horse in his amazing trip. Zang also sat on horseback all the time. Greek civilization without horses shall not be famous as fas as we know nowadays.
The horse image in digitizing embroidery with the original code of success.
The ancient people used horses as one of their means of transportation because they can move faster, easier and more effective with horses. And people said that horse was considered as the successfully steered code (Horses will announce the success) since ancient time.
In Feng Shui, the popular image carries a positive content to create a "positive atmosphere", whereas a negative image will give rise to "the negative atmosphere". Accordingly, manipulation of the iconic horse sense is not out of this meaning.
Not as much people love horses in feng shui as entrepreneurs, they often choose to decorate the horse statue in her home or the workplace. By following feng shui, the horse is not only the most loyal animal, the horse was also one of the symbols of patience, persistence, long-term. In fact, this is one of the animals people believe which can bring good luck and fortune.
Digitizing Embroidered with horse image
One of the symbols of Feng Shui Horses was often seen somewhere is the galloping horse images (or "Prosperity Horse"). This symbol represents prosperity in business, the agility and increasing in money advances.
The galloping horse also implies the far trip, which is very suitable for people who usually travel or work long days of traveling here and there all the time. This is a digitizing picture being indispensable for the frequent business travelling. In this case, the painting should be hung in the west, northwest or northeast to enhance the good atmosphere for the best stars in this direction.
According to feng shui concept, if anyone is in a competitive situation with a rival, then hanging a picture of the horse is the best tribute that can made fortunes and victory after all. If you are unable to find a golden digitizing horse picture, then just find something that is similar to horse instead (preferably white horse) pack valuables and being driven away (please kindly note that being driven is much rather than being ridden) as this also shows the promotion meaning somehow.
The digitizing images of horses and peony, pine tree and water synthesis is having the meaning of desired health, longevity, wealth for homeowners.
Eight horses - original code of success in digitizing embroidery paintings.
Eight horses are available at the same time in the embroidery digitizing image which carry the air of 8 should be very strong and good. This material should be placed on the desk having air and space assets in the house, being face toward the gate or window will be much better.
The upper most monkeys on horse digitizing image (Statue of a monkey on the back of a horse) is to wish for promotion, usually placed at the working desk. The reason for using this image is the word "almost" means monkey which sound coincides with the word "most" in "the most royal", and the word "upper horse" is meant immediately. So the iconic monkey sitting on the back of a horse in the digitizing image implies the deliberate wish of rapid promotion.
Horse with amputated tails
The digitizing images of horses with amputated tails or tightened tails are sumptuous wealth photographs derived from the regal lifestyle of the kings, which is symbolic wish for riches and an extensive development of the owner.

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