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Embroidery digitizing

According to the history embroidery digitizing process comes later. Before this digitizing stage people was involved with an art form designing. Needle embroidery and thread based embroidery was so difficult and critical to give an output in the fabric. But, for the contribution of modern technology embroidery digitizing process starts and it makes a significant change in our fabric sector. Basically, the main task of an embroidery digitizing is to covert an image in to a stitch. Image like any logo, monogram, design of a company and text or any design embroidery digitizing machine can read this automatically. Embroidery digitizer machine gives an output to an installed fabric as it was set by the program. It makes an accurate design. It can make multicolor and multi-dimensional design in the fabric. By digitizing process creating different types of thread and stitch are very easy and it helps to reproduce the desired image.
To start a new digitization process firstly, the image and artwork must be analyzed by using high quality graphics program. You can use adobe illustrator software to complete this first step. After making the design you must have to save file in a vector format. You can edit every part of your design by vector file format. You can make the image size as big as you want by this vector format. After making the final design you have to put down this file in to an embroidery machine file format. You have to convert this file by some specific software. If you search on the internet you will get lots of free software. But it is highly recommended to use some professional software for business use. After making conversion you can save this file to an EMB format. This format is machine readable format. After that you will have to be prepared with all machine materials, thread, color pallet, and other essential tools. Than you have to input in the command line of machine readable software. Finally, you will have to wait until your design is complete by the machine.
So, this process in short I discussed above about embroidery digitizing. There has many more option it is highly technical. Technical person only can understand the software program. In this software there has lots of option to operate this software you have to know the operating system of this software. Efficient Pathing is one of the most important functions in embroidery digitizing. An efficient Pathing can reduce the cost of the project. To make a sharp and accurate image, digitizer assigns different types of stitches pattern. Smooth and fresh design defines the quality of work. So, to make a fresh and best output a digitizer must be well acquainted with artwork, graphics design knowledge, stitches, fabrics, computer software, embroidery machine, in order to produce a world class design. The whole digitization process in embroidery is depends on the digitizer knowledge and skill. You will be happy to know that eagle digitizing have that professional people. You can depend on our professional to get a better quality.

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