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Technology of embroidery digitizing

Technology of embroidery digitizing is consisting with a very advanced software and hardware tools. To get a better output some features specifically you need in your software. Eagle digitizing is now producing design by adding some features in their software. Range of production and target the population depends on modular software, standalone program and CAD program. Format and machine support feature is also an important feature. It includes following task like reading different types of design format, write and editing some embroidery design format. Writing machine readable card and hoop control support. Tracing and digitizing is also a dynamic feature for the production. It includes bitmap files tracing, color reduction and thresholds, smoothing, pixel thresholds, stitch digitizing. Vector file format conversion, applies for illustrator, SVG, WMF, EPS, EMF file format. 2D primitives, 3D stitch, Bezier drawing, transforming for resize, move, rotation, flipping, skewing is also an important features for the production.in the feature of stitch section stitch process quality, time of stich, density, direction, pattern, adding and removing underlays, splitting and joining design, lettering modules, insert , delete, change, reduce, fancy stitch, bordering, pull compensation option can make you design smooth. Lettering features will give you optimized and customized font. Monograms, logo, curving, and layout option can make changes in to the design. Beside this you will also have to follow that how many times you can undo by your software. Compensation ratio for various textiles, built in reusable and re customizable patterns of various sorts is also a part of the program. Statistics feature will give the idea about print time and number of stitch. This feature will help in your embroidery digitizing business to maintain proper calculation. Batch converters, stitch simulator, pattern management increase you’re your design quality.
So, for the embroidery digitizing business all of those features I discussed above are important for your embroidery digitizing business. Before buying software make sure that you will get the full feature in your software. Justify the market and buy software by following feature. If, you have any software based problem than please contact with us. Our technical support team will try to give you proper solution. Remember one thing that above feature you will only use to customize your design. You will get lots of design from online for free. But to maintain professionalism you can’t use free software or free design. Sometimes you may need to change you whole design and pattern so try always to make design and pattern. This practice will help you to get the market popularity. If, your production becomes creative day by day and if you try to follow the customer oriented design. Than we believe that in future you will get the proper remuneration of your work. If you have a dream to work for international brand you must have to show your previous work or portfolio. So try to make a good portfolio by making your own design.do not try to copy from any resource. It is bad a practice. Hire a professional designer and professional embroidery digitizer to increase your better quality.

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