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Different of embroidery digitizing

Embroidery designs should in two different formats. One should be in source format and another should be in machine format. Source format it can be in EPS, ai vector format. In this format every portion of design will be editable. This is important to make such vector format file for future change. Digitizer can give 2d, 3d, color, gradient, modification to this vector file. It is highly recommended for the designer to keep this source file in a vector file format before bring it to the embroidery digitizer. Modern world day by day becomes more modern. Wearing an exclusive fabric create an extra image for a men or women. As a result, young generation is always looking for new design and new fashion. So, designers also need to change their views and design.
Our designer came from some strong well advanced background and they are young enough. They feel today’s culture and fashion. So, that they have the idea to change and make some new always. We are enable and capable to make exclusive 2D, 3D design. We can focus special effect by digitize our machine logic. We make exclusive and colorful stitch in your fabric. Beside this we have every types of designing pallet for your design. Machine format defines some other file format which is exclusively used for embroidery design. Among all of them EMB format is mostly used for the safe programming. Some other file format is PES this file format is also used for designing. Beside this ART, VIP and JEF with SEW is also used for embroidery digitizing. Embroidery pattern is being transferred by cable connection. It can be also transferred by CD or USB drive. After this various hoops and logic head being prepared for making color combination and structure. All the elements like wool, nylon, water soluble, and other relevant materials will have to be prepared for embroiling. And finally machine will run and all the on next function will run by the automated command. For simple color it takes very short time like a minute. But in case of multicolor it takes more time like an hour. In case of multicolor all the color threads need to prepare for change. And it takes an extra time to control such multicolor embroiling. In a large farm some all machine not use for embroidery some machine also used for sewing.
Eagle digitizing is always using some different machine for different task. It makes the task more easily and quickly. Industry person will get an extra advantage on this site. Because, we are capable to provide you perfect time delivery by our multitasking machine facilities. So, you can think of us by our standard digitizing process. Don’t waste your time by following such one who doesn’t can give you perfect satisfaction. We have lots of previous design you can get for free embroidery design from our design list. So, take your decision now and follow our portfolio you will get the full idea about our work.

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