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Embroidery designs are created by the zigzag sewing machine. User has to move the cloth manually according to the design. The process on this machine is time consuming and energy consuming. The process of embroidery on such machine is not automated and lacks many features. To overcome the disadvantages of an ordinary embroidery machine, computerized embroidery machines came into existence.
Embroidery digitizing is in trend now. Many online websites started this new business where they sell the work with the option of customizing your order. Before getting into the details let us see the basics like what is digitizing? And what is embroidery digitizing?

Digitizing is a process where the design is converted into digital format to be used with computerized machinery. Embroidery designing is such process where the art work is converted into a file which can be read by an embroidery machine. The embroidery machine can interpret many stitch types from the stitch file. Digitizing is not a one step process. It involves different degrees of user’s inputs.

An embroidery digitizer is a machine that will stitch the design on a garment automatically by adjusting the garment according to the design. The user has to input the correct color sequence before starting the embroidery. Small mistake can make you lose lot of money and you have to repeat the process all over again. The best output can be expected from an expert. Selecting a popular and experienced company for your embroidery order is vital.

Eagle digitizing is one such experienced company in embroidery digitizing since 1990. It is able to sell quality work to the clients from beginning. The workers are fully trained and they create designs which run on the machine without problems like thread breakage. This increases the productivity and decreases the time for completing a work on a garment.

Digitizing will convert your designs into digitize format and also offers images of the design to sew out. These online companies will also take order in bulk and you can increase the priority of order to ‘immediate’, to get order fast. The services offered by eagle digitizing are: vector creation and vector conversion which can be used for various forms of printing like screen, digital and vinyl plotting. Free embroidery designs, free estimations and free editing in case of misprint or error can also provided.

The price per design is also low ranging from 25 to 30 dollars per 5 inch of design. Different charges are taken for different prints. It is always advisable and recommended to put your work in the hands of experienced people who can complete work in time and with quality. The payment can be done through credit cards or debit cards. The software used for the process is secure sockets layer. To get a digitalized design all you need to do is register with eagle digitizing and place order by paying the amount. Depending on your work priority the delivery is made within few days.

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