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How to Learn and Use the Technology of Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is a conversion process where image of graphic format is converted into a stitching format. The stitching format is given to the embroidery machine for stitching which is an automatic process. Learning this interesting and latest technique, and the software used in it is a challenging task. Persons with computer skills and knowledge of basic embroidery can learn the embroidery digitizing easily. The basic embroidery skills required is the knowledge on the fabrics, threads and stabilizers and the embroidery equipment.

The first step in learning the digitizing technique is to buy the digitizing software. Try to buy the software from the manufacturer of the embroidery machine to yield good and perfect designs. This step is necessary because different machines will use different techniques. The problems that come from custom digitizing will reduce by using the same manufacturer software of your embroidery machine. The compatibility of the software and the machine will make your work easy and its learning faster. Go to the official website of the machine’s manufacturer, where you can find the tutorials on how to use the software. You can also buy different company’s software if you are talented and have skills.

You can find sewing machine distributors in your area who are offering embroidery designing classes. If you’re local distributor is not offering any classes then find the information on classes near your area. Ask him for help. The software company will provide a manual or a guide along with the software CD. This is to help the buyers to learn the software easily and to understand the techniques and details of the software they are using. Approximately a 200 page manual will be presented with the CD. Read it and compare the screenshots given in the manual with the computer screen when using the software.

Start with basics and slowly increase your knowledge of the software. Search internet for help. Many forums and groups will come in handy when you are facing a problem with the software. Many skilled designers are happy to share the knowledge they have. You can share each other’s experience and problems via forums and groups. You have to be careful while choosing a group. Always choose an active group who posts many activities and discussions. Some groups also post their works along with descriptions. You can learn them and apply your own designs and techniques to create embroidery designs.

Try to embroider all the designs you make. Testing each design will help you to determine your skills and areas of expertise. It also shows your problematic areas where you need to concentrate more and more. You can improve your skills by testing. At first the embroidery design may look great on screen but trying it on machine will give you a different output. You have to perfect the connection stitches ordering. These connect the parts of design. So learn stitching along with digitizing to produce real and working designs.

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