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Different Embroidery Digitizing Methods

Embroidery digitizing is a very complicated and difficult task. The processing of the graphic form into a stitch format is a professional work and needs professional hands and skills. The people who are talented in both computers and embroidery can do the job correctly. Learning the software you have is the first step to do the digitizing for producing perfect designs. There are many techniques and methods you should learn before working on producing your own embroidery designs.
Different embroidery methods are helpful to create your own designs which work on the machines. All these methods are to be used in your digitizing software. Al the digitizing programs have same features so you do not need to worry whether these methods will work on your machine or not. The new softwares provide you the option of filling the areas with one click. This might look easy and promising but the results you achieve from the automatic filled designs are not good. They do not create best looks. Many mistakes can happen while doing the actual stitching like the following: outlines may not sew correctly or close to the design you got, you may find many jump stitches to remove when you have to embroider the design.
The professional digitizer software use the click and fill methods because they will alone take care of controlling the path of stitching and do not leave the work to some pre-made program. The method used to create the design will make the difference between a good design and an excellent design. Check the software program for the option of inputting the stitches yourself and not by some pre made program which makes the decisions for you. The click and fill method is easy and a great option if you are in hurry. But it is good to learn the technique and method of embroidery digitizing you want to design.
When you use the click and fill type program, you will not have the idea on how the stitching will continue when moving from one color to another color. The program will make jump stitches. The other drawback in click and fill option arises when designing with larger areas to fill. The machine will stitch from one side and will stop after coming to the center point then it goes backwards and starts filling the other half until it reach the same point. This will not give a good design. You might see lot of gaps and it really frustrates you. But if you punctured the design by yourselves then your machine will do the design exactly as you designed.
The methods to do embroidery designing with fills are the following: for novices or for those who have less time can simply use the click and fill program and then add some elements to it by manually punching. You can add shading, outlines or whatever you want. Once you do this you might get the courage to manually punch the design.

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