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The competitive nature of the digitizing industry, and how Eagle Digitizing stands out

There are many embroidery digitizing companies, varying in size and the standard of product they can supply. Many rely on out of date machinery and technology, whereas Eagle Digitizing uses only the latest digitizing software, and invest heavily in maintaining the kind of information technology which is crucial for quality, modern digitized designs.
Eagle Digitizing works closely with all its customers and specializes in assisting customers turn even the vaguest of ideas into stunning embroidery designs. We don’t demand finished artwork or detailed specifications because we have a team of experienced graphic designers who can supply you with a selection of inspiring suggestions to really make your company stand out from the competition.
All we need from you is a basic concept and we can take it from there. This level of support for customers makes Eagle Digitizing a top ranking embroidery digitizer within a very competitive industry. Only the best continue to develop and grow in this market, and many have fallen by the wayside while Eagle Digitizing continues to build on its reputation for outstanding customer support.
For nearly two decades the company has worked successfully with companies of all sizes and across many and varied industry sectors. We are able to take on extremely complex designs for multinationals and at the same time small and straightforward projects for locally operating businesses; we apply the same conscientious attention to detail no matter how big the project or budget.
Should you require a font or format which is not normally available, our designers will go the extra mile to research and locate what you are looking for, and customize your digitized design so it is unique to your business. It is tremendously important to us that our customers are as proud of the finished article as we are, and will keep working on a digitized design until it is perfect. This is not to say we will delay your product past agreed deadlines – we work the hours required to meet your timeframe because we understand that time is money for our customers, especially when there is a rush order they need to fulfil.
Eagle Digitizing has an enormous library of stock embroidery images which can be used to provide a 24 hour turnaround and quite often in a lot less time than that. We can also create customized embroidery designs in double quick time and pride ourselves in leaving the competition standing in terms of our turnaround record for original embroidery artwork.
Efficient storage and retrieval of suitable resources for our design workers is crucial for maintaining the speedy turnaround which marks us out as superior to the rest. We have a large, professional support team of information technology experts who back up, protect and organise our file library and whose job is to make sure our talented digitizing design team can access the images, shapes, colours, effects, fonts and other visuals they need for customers, without any hold ups. We are constantly adding to the library and having access to this kind of extraordinary resource is purely a result of the length of time we having been serving the public.

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