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Why choose digitizing over screen-printing, heat transfers, etc

Every customer has a different set of requirements and it is the job of a good digitizing company to ensure the design choices the customer make are going to look fantastic and last for a long time. Advice and support are crucial at the planning stage to avoid costly errors with the finished product, and this comes with using a digitizing company, which has been around for many years. It pays not to take risks with relatively new companies employing inexperienced designers.
Eagle Digitizing only employs experienced digitized embroidery designers, who are experts in their field. They will advise that having been in the industry for a substantial number of years, heat transfer and screen printing do work for cheaper looking promotional items and clothing, but if you are looking for a quality result to impress your customers, or make your employees feel good, digitized embroidery wins hands down.
The cost of digitized embroidery need not be prohibitive either, because with the right guidance from your digitizing company, sew ability and durability actually save the customer money in the long term, especially where the product is going to get a lot of wear, washing or exposure to extreme temperatures.
Examples of products which look better with digitized embroidery rather than a printed option include sports and outdoors wear, uniforms and work wear, caps and hats, bags and plenty of other products where the design will be on show.
Initially, the cost of setting up a digitized embroidery file might seem much greater than paying for a printed product, but once the set-up, or digitizing, is completed, there are generally no more fees or at least minimal fees for edits, and no minimum quantity, so you can just produce one item if you so wish. However with printing the costs build as your needs change, for example if you decide to change colors or effects, and there is always a minimum quantity with print runs, all of which add to the final total. If a digitizing company is proposing to charge you lots of add on fees after the initial digitizing, then think twice about using them, and go for a company which keeps fees to an absolute minimum without compromising on quality, such as Eagle Digitizing.
Digitized embroidery products give a much more professional and high end finish, and will last longer than screen printing or similar production methods. The more you order, the greater the discounts, and after the initial digitizing, there are few or no add onus. The key is to choose a company, which plans the product well at the start, and tests sew ability, by sewing out the design several times before delivering it to the customer.
Digitized products can be customized really easily and in a way that suits all budgets, giving clothing and promotional products a unique and original look which will help to create a really outstanding and memorable image for your company. The best designs are easily recognizable as belonging to your company and get your products or services noticed wherever they are seen.

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