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Why choose digitizing over screen-printing, heat transfers, etc

When planning production of promotional and clothing items for staff or customers, it makes sense to spend some time comparing the benefits of digitized embroidery with other ways to customize, such as heat transfers or screen printing, for example. While there are advantages to both, digitized embroidery gives such a superior finish, it’s difficult to argue against it as the best option.
There are a number of benefits in choosing digitized embroidery over screen printing, heat transfers and the like. Firstly, comparisons in quality suggest digitized embroidery gives a more elegant and attractive finish which lasts a lot longer and is much more durable, especially when used for clothing expected to take a lot of wear.
There is no minimum quantity when ordering, whereas printing always requires a minimum order and what can appear as a cheaper option ends up more expensive. Embroidery can be ordered as a minimum quantity of one, whereas printing is general a minimum quantity of at least twenty.
In general digitized embroidery orders can be completed a lot quicker and in many cases in just twenty four hours, which is practically unheard of for screen printing and heat transfers. Additionally you don’t need to pay any fees for setting up the process when choosing the digitized embroidery option.
A major factor to take into consideration is the fact that embroidery is unlikely to react to extremes of weather in the same way that printed products do. For example if you are looking at outdoor clothing, work wear, travel products or items which will go through a lot of washes, embroidery is going to last a lot longer and keep its new looking appearance better if subjected to water, low or high temperatures.
Digitized embroidery products can be purchased ready made from a huge library of designs, which are just waiting to be transferred to a file for your sewers to get started on pretty much right away. If you choose a stock design but want to make some edits to the design, there still is little or no delay in getting the file formatted for your purposes and sent off; you can be ready to sew within a few hours.
With digitized embroidery there is no problem adding extra colours, shades or hues, or perhaps 3D effects, for extra appeal, and this won’t add extra costs whereas non digitized options involve extra setting up, extra time and extra fees as a result. With printing you would be expected to pay extra dollars for every single colour added and every additional effect, which could add up to quite a bill if you are aiming for a top class result.
Although the initial setting up costs for your personalized digitized embroidery design might appear at first to price embroidery above printing costs, it’s important to remember this is a one off cost and after that there are no further digitizing charges. Once your design is created and stored as a file, it’s just a case of making minor changes, should you wish them. This would take literally seconds and not cost any extra.

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