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Why Choose Eagle Digitizing

It really does pay to work with digital graphic designers who have plenty of experience and are able to support your business with high quality custom digitizing. Eagle Digitizing has been delivering quality digitized embroidery files to customers for nearly two decades and consistently out performs many fly by night companies, who may offer the cheapest deals, but don’t have the customer support in place to get help to you fast, should you need extra assistance or want to make necessary alterations to your sewn products.
There is far more than quoting the cheapest stitch to getting the sewability and personalized look that defines a high quality digitized product and separates it from less professional designs. Experienced and creative artists with plenty of ideas of their own can guide you through the design process, when perhaps you have only a vague idea of what you want the finished article to look like. It may be that your client thinks they know what they want but are unable to give too much information about it, and we can in these circumstances work with you to achieve a creative result they are sure to love.
If on the other hand you or your clients have a clear and precise digitized design in mind, Eagle Digitizing artists can take even a low resolution sample from you and turn it into the perfect message you require for your own business, or for your clients. We are happy to provide samples which illustrate the range and quality which sets us apart from the rest and we feel sure that your sewers will be delighted by the quality of the designs they are given – we aim to make their lives easier and improve their speed of delivery too.
As well as appreciating your need for high quality custom digitizing at a cost effective price, we understand you want the fastest possible turnaround; ideally you would like your digitized designs yesterday! We believe that a next day turnaround is perfectly reasonable and possible, so talk to us about your digitally customized requirements and see what we can do for you.
No matter what your machines or formats, we can supply your digitized design, including Tajima, Brother, Viking, Melco, Deco PES, Barudan – contact us with your machine details and we will ensure the files we supply are matched. We understand that if this is your initial contact for getting digitizing done, it may appear to be a bit of a minefield, but we can assure you of our excellent customer support right through the process.
In the past we have encountered some doubt amongst first time customers who cannot believe we offer the kind of quality product and customer service we promise for the price that we quote. However after nearly twenty years trading as specialists in the digitized embroidery field, we are happy to report that our efficiency and expertise gained over many years of operation means we can indeed offer these prices for quality digitized products.

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