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Smart Customers and Eagle Digitizing

It does pay for smart customers to shop around when searching for the best embroidery digitizing company, to compare prices and services offered. There are so many companies out there apparently all offering brilliant designs and price deals, but how is a firm new to the embroidery digitizing world supposed to make an educated decision, especially when their image, brand or reputation may stand or fall by the embroidered product they are paying for?
It is a big deal to try and choose the best company, but one of the best ways to make that all important purchasing decision is to look at the number of years an embroidery digitizing company has been trading. Chances are if it is only a few years they have simply not had enough time to build a big enough library of stock designs, or build enough experience in customized embroidery designs to meet your exacting requirements. Therefore the smartest customers choose to work with an embroidery company which has been in business for many years – Eagle Digitizing fits the bill as they have been fulfilling customer orders on time and within budget for nearly two decades. That’s quite an achievement in such a fiercely competitive industry.
Another reason customers repeatedly choose Eagle Digitizing is because of the personalized and detailed support we offer companies of all sizes, whether it’s multinationals seeking thousands of promotional items for a massive advertising campaign, or a village store wanting a couple of embroidered uniforms for their sales assistants.
We have no minimum order because the beauty of digitized embroidery files is that they can be used as often or as little as you require once the set up is finalized. Eagle Digitizing specializes in guiding companies who are new to the embroidery digitizing industry through the process step by step, and we have plenty of time to answer your questions or make your revisions before the final file is created for your machines.
Customers frequently find that the phrase ‘from little acorns, oak trees grow’ applies to their digitized embroidery product – from your tiniest little logo idea, a true work of art can be designed and become a reality for your company, whether you want to embellish your employees’ work wear, hand them a gift, reward, award or incentive with your design on it, or whether you are seeking to promote your business through offering embroidered products to customers. Smart customers quickly find that the difference between a good company, and a great company like Eagle Digitizing, is that we spend that extra time and effort getting your embroidery product just how you want it, and in the time scale you want it. We nurture your acorn until it becomes your awesome oak!
If you are in a real jam and have a rush job on, but don’t know where to turn, try Eagle Digitizing and you will quickly realise why smart customers like yourself find we meet all your embroidery digitizing needs. You may not be able to see us smiling over the phone, but you will definitely hear it our voices because we just love having the opportunity to make our customers’ digitized embroidery needs a reality.

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