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Smart Customers Choose Eagle Digitizing

Customers spend a lot of time thanking eagle digitizing for the service they receive, and no wonder because after more than 16 years of providing top quality digitized products to some of the biggest companies out there, as well as some of the smallest, we still make sure we make every order our priority. Our MO is quick, friendly and good quality service, and this has been our way of working since the very beginning; while other less customer orientated embroidery digitizers have fallen by the wayside because of their lack of attention to the specialized needs of their clients.
There is never a bad time of year to contact us – our designers work flat out whether it is holiday time, spring, summer, fall or winter, and through the night as is often necessary. We get design ideas of all kinds thrown at us from all sectors of industry, but there is yet to be an embroidery digitizing challenge we have failed to overcome.
One of the reasons smart customers keep coming back to us is the fact that we test every design, no matter how small, for sewability, before sending the file across. Testing runability is crucial to our customers because there is nothing worse than thread breaks due to a poor digitized design, whether from stock products or from a customized idea. We appreciate that what is important to our customers is important to us too.
Our information technology is completely up to date and is constantly modernized so that our digitized designs stay on trend for the current market. We can work from all low and high resolution formats supplied to us because we have a range of experts dedicated to turning even the less detailed idea into a stunning embroidery product. Examples of formats we can use are .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .png, .bmp. and .doc to mention a few. We also have the capability to deal with vector and digitizing formats, including .cnd, .pxf, .exp, .emb and .dst.
Top notch service at affordable prices is so hard to find these days, despite the many companies out there, all promising the earth to their unsuspecting customers. Here at Eagle Digitizing we simply promise solid, honest advice, design and delivery on time, and high quality products within your budget. We can make these promises because we have delivered to our smart customers’ satisfaction over and over, for more than 16 years.
Smart customers who use us over and over also recognise the difference in our standard of artwork. Our graphic artists have a reputation for high quality, creative and ultra sewable designs, with the emphasis on keeping thread breakage to zero. It comes down to attention to detail and listening carefully to the particular needs of customers – we don’t believe in one size fits all. We are happy to take your revisions and edits, and won’t try to force a particular design on you because it is easier for us but not for you. This is the way we blow away our competition!

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