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How Eagle Digitizing Stands Out from the Competition

Customers will always look for something special in an embroidery digitizing company, whether it is price, quality, delivering to deadlines, customer service – ideally a combination of all these and more. Most customers quite rightly want it all when deciding where to spend their hard earned money! When either a new or well established customer first tries out embroidery digitizing they want to be sure they have picked the best possible digitizing company to meet their individual embroidery needs, because after all, it can be an expensive decision if it goes wrong.
For your first experience of using an embroidery digitizing company, or if you have used a company where you were not very happy with the end product, you need go no further than Eagle Digitizing. We ensure the process is quick and easy, and we provide all the information you need about how the job is going as it progresses, so you can keep your own customers happy with updates should you wish to do.
Our excellent communication with our customers during a job is one of the reasons we stand out from the rest, because we understand that keeping in touch is a powerful means of keeping our valued customers happy. We want you to be thrilled with your digitized embroidery and keep coming back to us, so we will do all we can to ensure that happens, by keeping you in the loop.
The prices we quote may at first make you feel skeptical, because they may seem ridiculously cheap when you add up all the benefits of what we offer. However our lifetime customers will testify that cheap prices don’t need to equal cheap quality. Our commitment to low prices for dazzling embroidery designs is something we work on continuously by reviewing what the competition is up to, what they offer for each price, and then making sure we do it for less without compromising our standards and reputation for a beautifully sewable product with no thread breakages.
If you are acting on behalf of a customer and they have given you relatively little to work with, we can take the smallest amount of information and give it to our talented and creative graphic artists to work their magic. We can turn both high and low resolution designs into something extraordinary. It is likely that you will have a number of questions for our staff and they are all trained to handle customer queries, no matter how challenging, and make sure the process is as comfortable and convenient for you as possible.
We know you will be delighted with the results which come from even the scantiest of briefs. We believe a positive mental attitude gets the best results, so don’t be apprehensive about a negative response to your queries – unlike some of the competition, you are guaranteed a smile and a friendly reception, no matter what you present us with at the start. You may be surprised to learn about some of the requests we have had for digitized embroidery products; nothing would surprise us after more than sixteen years in the business!
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