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Why Eagle Digitizing is the top digitizing company

Among the reasons why Eagle Digitizing is the top digitizing company is our reputation for a super-fast turnaround from receipt of your artwork, and because all we do is digitize designs so they are turned into sewn products, we are known as the most experienced experts in our field.
We only recruit the best graphic designers, who are specialists in the field of digitized embroidery, so you can rest assured your digitized design is in the best possible hands.
Eagle Digitizing is ranked top in the industry because we have long experience in the field of digitizing. We update our technology regularly and we only employ the best artists. For getting on for twenty years we have provided high quality digitized embroidery to customers from many sectors, and we are trusted to provide what they want in the timescale they require.
Attention to detail, proper preparation and sewing out designs before delivery to the customer are all part of our quality checking processes. We don’t believe in loading on fees if a customer has a rush job, and where a job is urgent, we still follow the same checking procedures to make sure you get the same high quality product. We don’t believe in short cuts because we want you to trust us and to come back to us time and time again with your digitized embroidery needs.
Testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers demonstrate our commitment to quality and because we consider the internet as our marketplace, we can provide you with digitized embroidery designs wherever your business is located and whatever your time zone.
There may well be companies out there charging less per stitch, but without doubt in this industry you get what you pay for and the cheapest companies will usually load on end fees to make their money, or take inadvisable short cuts with checking sewability and the final sewability of the design.
At Eagle Digitizing we commit to delivering high end products at really cost effective prices. We have built up our pricing structure over a period of years to ensure the customer gets true value for money, plus excellent customer support. We want you to be entirely happy with the service and product you receive, and will go the extra mile to ensure you have everything you need. We pride ourselves in really listening to our customers and creating a dialogue which leads to a long term business relationship whether your requirements are large or small scale.
There is nothing worse than having to wait days for digitized design to arrive, and for this reason we offer a next day turnaround. We ensure that we match your required file type and machine. All our designs are backed up and archived so that you can request it again whenever you need it. Should things go wrong during production you can call us twenty four hours a day for support and problem solving. We pride ourselves on superb customer support and maintaining our top ranking as the leading digitized embroidery specialist.

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