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Embroidery digitizing, an art to be explored

After the making of the embroidery digitizing method, it has been proved that it is an art form and it is not just work of art by a machine. It needs to have a suitable use of the embroidery digitizing software which needs to be used in the embroidery digitizer to store the artistic thinking of the figure and also have the small and tiny details of the layout stored to be used at any time. With the help of the embroidery digitizing software, the skilled and capable embroidery digitizer person can understand the picture or the text and convert it into a beautiful piece of stitched file. A knowledgeable and experienced embroidery digitizer has to draw each of the figures and give shape to each of segments and layers and should form the image in such a layout that the embroidery machines can easily understand and interpret the image to make an embroidery design of the required dimensions.
When you want to make a parallel between the digitize embroidery procedure and the painting procedures, then you can say that the fabric created is the canvas and the machine used for this- both are the brushes. The needles and the threads are the palettes used by the artists to create their own images with the innovative designs. The skilled and capable embroidery man has to provide the design into the machine for the design to be created and the machine will function as the receiver of these instructions and work on it.
The main and the most important work that the embroidery digitizer has to do is to take care that the information is very well provided to the machine so that the final results are to the point of perfection. Each and every detail of the design should be provided very carefully to the machine which ranges from the colors which are to be used to combinations of it to be used among one other and consistently. The adjustments of the effects of light and shadows of the design also play a very vital role in the final design and these should be such that the idea should be perfectly visible in the final result.
In this method of embroidery digitizing, the image file created out of the idea of the digitizer is converted into the embroidery output with the help of the compatible embroidery digitizing machine. The embroidery digitizer can use the different formats available in the software and hence create the formats which can make the work complete. It does not matter if the image is in the format of a bitmap or a vector file; the need is to convert that file into a hand-made stitch file. By using this method, you will be able to observe the final result and see the minuteness in terms of the color of the threads for the sew-out. The digitizer can use the software tools to split the minuteness of the split parts for the redrawing, resizing, stitching beneath and the overlay threads, use the perfect thread to give the same effect of shading and the colors can be of the same level as you desire. This is the complete process of finalizing the end product of the embroidery digitization software.

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