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Reasons Eagle Digitizing is the top digitizing company in the industry

Eagle Digitizing has been in the embroidery digitizing industry since the early 1990s. The company’s collective experience in embroidery digitizing field enables them to provide the best quality digitized products. Eagle digitizing believes on the best quality, fast turnaround time and competitive pricing.

Eagle digitizing reached to the top position because of its well experienced staff, adaptation with the latest technology, being a single point solution to provide digitized fonts, formats matching to the users’ requirements, and various services needed for the Embroidery Digitization.
· Latest technological digitizers used to create the best digitized images
· Single point solution where Eagle provides services in
· Digitized fonts library
· Various formats matching the users’ requirement
· Color charts
· Size conversion
· Vector artwork
· Well experienced team to provide assured Quality
· The best quality with Competitive pricing

Why Eagle Digitizing is the best choice
Eagle Digitization is the first choice due to its experience in this field, latest technology, competitive pricing, quick turnaround time, the best customer service, exhaustive digitized library etc.

The technology of embroidery digitizing
Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format which is easy for processing through computer. Here the scanned pictures are converted into a digitized data with the help of digitizers which are then converted into the machine compatible instruction codes. Embroidery machine will be guided by the generated instructions to do actions like stitch direction, needle up/down movement according to the type of geometry, sew filled area, sew text, sew underlay, pitch off the stitches to get the particular size of letters or line, mix up threads according to color changes and so on.

The Digitizing Process:
· Creates an enlarged image of the design using scanner or other readers
· Creates a map of starting point, ending point and the paths to take along the way to help digitizer to lay out the different stitch types, stitch directions, densities and then to.
· Digitizes the design using digitizer. The digitizer will enter coordinates using a puck, which is attached to a digitizing tablet or a mouse, which is connected to the computer.
· Samples creation using the embroidery machine.

Why choose digitizing over screen-printing, heat transfers, etc.
Digitized embroidery has got enormous advantages over the conventional techniques
· Embroidery is more elegant looking.
· Always ready to production and hence no limitation of production quantity.
· Production cycle time is very less.
· No extra cost involved in the production setup.
· Not an environment sensitive process and withstands the extreme temperature without any degradation.
· It helps in selecting the best design at anytime due to the digitized design library which can be created for long run.

Smart customers choose Eagle Digitizing
Obvious reasons for choosing Eagle Digitizing are
· Latest technology used to create the best digitized images
· The time of manufacture is less, hence giving more yield
· It gives a good quality product
· Its designs are available readily
· The best customer support

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