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An art of embroidery digitizing

The advent of computer technology has reflected on the field of embroidery digitizing and it is applicable even for the modern sewing machines. The basic structure of digitizing is associated with the art of drawing, designing or turning a real picture or graphics into an exact replica. Usually a very close copy will be embroidered on the cloth or any other material, depending upon the type of material and embroidery machine used.
The original artwork of any design, drawing or graphic would be scanned in digitizing software to create a digital file through digital software scanning which will used by automatic sewing machines. The digital software scans the original image, then the digitizer-operator would use embroidery digitizing software to design a specialized vector based file off it and this is how the sewing machine gets sewing instruction for the stitching. With the help of the processing of the scanned image, this software helps to complete the embroidery stitching of the image. One major factor that affects the quality of the embroidery is deciding what type of thread is to be used and spacing based on the type of fabric it would be sewn on, like silk, cotton, nylon and the location of these colored threads in the digitized pattern. The necessary pattern required for the stitching will also be determined by the digitizer.
To make the design dense of many stitches or even sometimes light of few stitches, it is required to give the pattern to the design. The operator has to choose among the available types of stitches like cross-stitched or zigzagged ones. When the selection of the required parameters will be done, then operator has to save the changes in file which will be saved to secured digital, compact disc or any type of memory card with solid-state. So the overall process includes scanning, designing in Embroidery digitizing software and the complete information will be saved in file format of the form which sewing machine can understand. Once it will be loaded into the machine, it will then be able to sew out the embroidered image.
Currently various software are available for digitizing the embroidery. Some of the time, digitizing software is loaded in the sewing machine itself, but digitizing operators prefer different types of software with lot of flexibility and also with the additional features rather than the basic programs available in the particular embroidery machine.
At the time of saving the file, operator has to choose proper digitizing file among 30 different available types, so determining a proper file would be operator’s task. Sewing machines come in various file formats, so choosing a right file format often depends on what machines the file will be used on so they can properly read and sew the design out. The compatible file formats are available on the owner’s manual. If you are lacking owner’s manual copy, then same can be viewed from the manufacturer’s website which will help in selecting right file format. So to adopt the technique or the art of embroidery digitizing, understanding the overall process is important as well as making sure to select the correct file format, which is very essential for the embroidery machine to be able to operate correctly. So just follow the steps available in the owner’s manual and get the accurate embroidery artwork done.

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