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Outstanding customer support and talented digitized embroidery designers It’s all about the detail as far as successful embroidery digitizing goes and Eagle Digitizing has spent years building a reputation for dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, literally in some designs. Smart customers use word of mouth recommendations to decide who to work with and who to avoid like the plague and consequently a great many of our loyal clients have come to use us because other companies have recommended our work. This outcome, repeated time after time, is really satisfying for our hard working embroidery digitizing designers, who thrive on achieving perfect sewability for all our customers. Smart customers can see through all the blarney online about delivery schedules and lowest prices ever offered, from smaller and newer companies, who think that offering the world to prospective customers will get their business. Here at Eagle Digitizing we have lost count of the number of customers who have ended up with us because their first choice in embroidery digitizers promised all kinds, but failed to delivery once the pressure was on. We love pressure at Eagle Digitizing because it means we are busy fulfilling customer demands – in fact if we aren’t under pressure we start to get twitchy. The fact is that it is relatively easy for sales pitchers to get business in to an embroidery digitizing company by promising plenty of incentives, and it may be that at some point you have fallen for them yourself. The really clever bit is actually delivering what you promise as a company offering custom digitizing services. The even cleverer bit is doing it so well that customers keep coming back for more, and start telling their contacts about it too. This networking through personal recommendation has helped us secure our business as a top ranking embroidery digitizing company in a huge field of proactive and hungry competitors, over the last sixteen years or so, and we continue to expand. Our existing customers tell us they really appreciate how understanding we are at Eagle Digitizing regarding the often unpredictable and fast moving way a lot of businesses work. Orders come in out of hours and people need quotes and answers to queries at all times of the day and night, depending on the time zone where they operate. When a business comes to us for custom digitizing, their own clients may well change their mind a matter of hours later, which means the brief they give us has to be radically altered at short notice to make sure the supply chain stays intact. We totally get this and our can do attitude remains consistent, no matter what custom digitizing our valued customers throw at us! Many customers have tried custom digitizing themselves before they come to us, with possibly limited success. However it takes specialized embroidery digitizing software and years of training to create the kind of terrific results we are proud to deliver every day to our customers. Designs which sew perfectly every time are our specialty and we invite you to try us out today.

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