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As well as archived access to your designs, smart customers choose Eagle Digitizing because they really appreciate having customer support no matter what time of day it is, and there is also a live chat facility which is extremely convenient for busy business managers. Emailing and then having to wait hours for a reply, or not being able to get through on the phone is enough to put many customers off returning to an embroidery digitizing company, which is why we concentrate on being as accessible as possible, whenever you need us. There is a no risk element to our service because we offer a free trial and this gives you an idea of the quality and styles on offer, should you wish to use custom embroidery in the future. We don’t believe in the hard sell and will always give honest, straightforward advice. Our aim is to help you get the best custom digitizing at the best value price for you. Smart customers can weigh up the benefits of what we offer before they make a financial commitment, and that includes checking that we support the machine format you need your embroidery design for, and how soon we can deliver, which is quite often within a few hours. There is no reason why you should expect to be less than thrilled with our services, and more discerning customers may well wonder if the prices we offer really can be that low and still achieve the desired quality. Custom digitizing which has great sewability and are delivered at top speed are surely not that easy to come by at such budget quotes. We can do the prices we offer because we are so long established, and have streamlined our services over a period of years, so that we can offer best value, no matter how many quotes you choose to obtain elsewhere. Even when embroidery digitizing customers provide relatively small amounts of information, our embroidery designers are up for the challenge and can turn the tiniest seed of an idea into results smart customers can be really proud to show their clients or employees. You can be assured of consistent pricing levels which are based on the best sew outs and designs which your sewers will be able to work on speedily and conveniently. It is normal for smart customers to have questions during the custom digitizing process and we are happy to assist at any time so your experience with us is unforgettable. If you need edits completed by return we will do our level best to accommodate your request and will stay in touch throughout, which can be a definite relief for customers who have bad experiences trying to communicate with less professional embroidery digitizers. Ask us about the quickest possible turn around and compare us with other embroidery digitizing companies, and we are confident you will be impressed by our embroidery solutions for your company. If you are the kind of smart customer who demands perfect stitching out at the best prices in the business, Eagle Digitizing should be at the top of your list.

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