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The competitive nature of the digitizing industry, and how Eagle Digitizing stands out

Beating the embroidery digitizing competition with consistently high standards

Business partners set up embroidery digitizing companies all the time, thinking that it is possible to make a fast buck simply by throwing out designs where they have spent minimum time and effort with the customer. In terms of the longevity of these companies it’s often a case of now you see it, now you don’t. For Eagle Digitizing this is unfortunately something we have to put up with in our sector. However we are able to reassure customers that having been in the business of embroidery design for getting on for two decades, we are here to stay and we work hard to maintain our reputation for solid and reliable customer service, plus a quality custom embroidery product.
We understand that when customers are looking at using an embroidery digitizing company for the first time, they are likely to talk to a number of different providers and in fact we would recommend this to get a feel of how the industry works, thereby learning what you can expect for your hard earned dollars.
We have never claimed to offer bargain bucket prices, or provide the kind of low rent results that all too often come with this kind of corner cutting pricing. We simply offer great value and a quality product with outstanding customer support. The benefits we offer our valued embroidery digitizing customers are as a result of the kind extensive and continuous research and development which our smaller and less established competitors cannot hope to match. We believe it is good practice to employ only the best embroidery designers, paying them accordingly, and we constantly update both our hardware and software so customers can be safe in the knowledge they are getting excellent value for money.
Reaching customer service targets, beating deadlines and delivering quality products is a balancing act we have been achieving on a daily basis for many years, and one of the reasons we continue to improve is that we actively seek customer feedback, and more importantly, take action on the basis of it. Embroidery digitizing customers tell us they like the fact that we want their opinions and that their experience of our company matters to us greatly. Just as want to work on your brand, we also believe our own brand needs constant review and that we can only continue to replicate our success by monitoring how we do on each and every job. Our positive relationships with our customers are central to our operations strategy.
Ease of communication with our customers is one of our biggest selling points, since we realize from our own experience of dealing with other custom embroidery companies that few things are more frustrating in the middle of a busy working day than not being able to speak directly to the person you need, or get answers to your queries fast. Your custom is too important to us to risk having you walk away because you cannot get through or cannot get a straight answer to a straight question. If this is your first experiment with embroidery digitizing, or on the other hand you know exactly what to expect, either way it is worth give Eagle Digitizing a call to test the water.

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