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Customers love the versatility of digitizing embroidery

If you choose your digitizing embroidery partner based on customer testimonials and the number of years that business has successfully operated in the industry, then you are already placing your business at an advantage over your competitors. Choosing digitized embroidery over the less impressive quality of heat transfer or screen printing is the next positive step to take if you are looking for custom digitizing which will last long after printed material has deteriorated.
Achieving a quality sewn product is more affordable than many customers might at first assume and the process of setting up a digital file of the artwork to be sewn takes less time than you might think, too. It’s just a case of having your ideas firmed up, with customer support in hand, and then graphic designers work on a computer screen to create something sensational that will transform your apparel, promotional items, goods for sale, and so on.
If you are searching for an outstanding way to say something positive about your brand and have tried printed methods several times without really getting the high standard you imagined, then it is perhaps time to consider the value of digitizing embroidery. There are no standard designs or set ways to have your products embellished with custom digitizing and our artists love to get creative when they are given a brief, even if it just a few words in an email or over the phone. You get to look at your embroidery design as it progresses and can have amendments done without any objections, long waiting periods or heavy additional fees, which happens all too often when trying to finalize heat transfers or screen printing.
What starts out as a simple heat transfer or screen printing job that looks well within budget can all too often end up costing double, once the final bill comes through. Sometimes the full extent of the extra costs is not obvious until everything is finished, and this can take such a tediously long time too. With digitizing embroidery what you get quoted is what you pay and you can have a ready to use computer design for your machines, or ready for your contractor, within hours in some cases. We don’t have set working hours – we keep going until a job is done, and appreciate the need for urgency because we work in the same high pressure environment as you are likely to do in your business.
Repeated washing of a garment with a digitized embroidery logo or strapline, will not damage the design and likewise if the product is going to be exposed to extreme temperatures, get used outside a lot of the time, or sit on materials which are constantly on the move, sewing the design makes more sense from a durability point of view than less tough wearing printed options.
You may be in the business of outdoor clothing, for example and have found in the past that printed motifs just rub off or start to degenerate, making your products look old before their time. If you run a factory, restaurant, or store where the items your employees wear, or the products you sell are subject to a lot of movement in a typical day, digitized embroidery can again solve your branding dilemmas in a most practical way.

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