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Embroidery digitizing for smart customers from Eagle Digitizing

When a customer sends Eagle Digitizing their artwork to digitize they can be assured the digitization process will turn this artwork into a format that their embroidery machines can read. Eagle Digitizing uses state of the art software to ensure your logo is digitized smartly into stitches and then transferred efficiently to the garment or promotional item.
Eagle Digitizing has a catalog of tens of thousands of stock embroidery designs that are already digitized and ready for use by you in a matter of hours. You can also have any of these designs added to with your own lettering or monograms to create unique, personalized embroidery designs.
The lettering that you see on sports jerseys is no problem for Eagle Digitizing to personalize for you, and update every year as needed. This kind of lettering can also be embroidered on uniforms, letter jackets, and most other garments. You can bring your own ideas to us or let us design for you with impressive results, according to our customer testimonials.
When you use Eagle Digitizing you are in the company of some of the biggest companies in the country, including Apple, Disney and Starbucks. Visiting the Eagle Digitizing website can be an enlightening experience if you have been thinking of embroidery digitizing but are not sure where to start. Eagle Digitizing offers a complete service from the moment you contact the company and our back up continues after you have taken delivery of your design, as you can contact us at any time in the future to have the file resent or to make necessary amendments.
We can digitize any logo or design, no matter how complex, so if you are thinking of new uniforms for your employees, promotional gifts for your customers, relaunching a product maybe, or a million other reasons to update your company’s presence in the market place, then come to Eagle Digitizing for a design expertise which remains unmatched in the industry. Most of our customers come to us in a rush so we are used to being put under pressure and we don’t even charge extra for the privilege like many of our less generous competitors!
It is not unheard of for a customer to get their embroidery digitizing back to them ready for use in a couple of hours, and we will always do our best to match exactly the specification your provide, or provide a close alternative which in many cases will actually be an improvement on what you were originally thinking of. If you are unsure whether you want to go ahead, use our free embroidery digitizing offer to get a taste of what could be possible for your business, and join some of the most famous brands on the planet in trusting Eagle Digitizing with your custom embroidery needs.
Our smartest customers have quickly realized that with no hidden charges we offer best value in the industry and if you feel you have a better quote from another company, contact s and we will offer you a competitive comparison, with a satisfaction guarantee – we really are that confident we are the best!

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