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Eagle Digitizing works with companies and individuals across all sectors

Eagle Digitizing has worked with a huge range of different businesses over the years and looks forward to continuing productive relationships for many years to come, including companies from sectors such as sport and motoring teams, restaurants, veterinarians, doctors, surgeries, clinics and medical offices, vineyard and food producers, garment manufacturers and retailers, promotional products sellers and designers, corporate clients, and many more across all States.
There is no one particular typical customer which is why we take pride in offering unique digitizing embroidery solutions for each and every customer. Our flexibility and ability to adapt our products to many different sectors has enabled us to continue to grow and develop as a company over the last 17 years, and we continue to do so through extensive investment in our equipment and employee training.
Our website offers many different solutions for your embroidery digitizing needs, whether you are looking for a logo, a slogan, image, message or other embroidery to develop your brand or the brands of your own customers. We are able to provide digital embroidery files which will sew brilliantly onto both performance and fashion fabrics, whether delicate or hardwearing, and which will be worn in a variety of different environments, many of them subject to extremes of temperature or climate.
The digitizing software we use to create digital files for use on your machines is designed specially to transform ideas into stitches, with the smallest of detail translated into the application of threads.
Applying the correct blending of colors and shapes is achieved through careful digital embroidery design, section by section, and it is truly satisfying to see a consistent result appearing right in front of your eyes using a digital file to get quality sewing out every time. Getting an impressive design onto fabric requires an eye for the bigger picture and an ability to understand how different fabrics behave when sewn. Some fabrics will accept certain designs better than others and Eagle Digitizing will always advise on this and other elements of successful custom embroidery.
Eagle Digitizing is flexible in the types of formats we take your initial artwork, including jpeg, pdf, tiff and eps. Send us an email if you are unsure and we can advise straightaway on how complex the job is going to be. We can make suggestions for improving the design so it really stands out, which may include increasing the size of certain elements, adding or taking away sections, matching or blending colors, or including shading effects.
We want you to be entirely happy with the finished result and it is our attention to detail in the planning stages which sets us apart from other embroidery digitizers, who think a rush job is a job they really don’t need to take much care with. We prove it is easy to push a job through quickly without compromising on quality or style, and get you a tailored looking end result without stress or hassle because in this respect our years of experience really come to the fore.

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