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Creative design means embroidery digitizing wins over printing

Eagle Digitizing designers can work alongside your team to create an embroidery logo which beats screen printing or heat transfers every time in terms of quality and durability. While printed materials will deteriorate or rub off, or be subject to damage and weather conditions, an embroidered logo or slogan will still be going strong no matter what is thrown at it. Embroidery can be used on just about anything and in just about any design, so have a chat with our customer support team if you are thinking of a design which initially you thought could not possibly work as a printed outcome, but actually as a custom embroidery design it will turn out to be perfectly possible.
Imagine the pleasure experienced by your employees when they receive their new uniforms, freshly embroidered and looking smart, packaged up in poly-bags and fresh and new just for them. There is a certain pride in having the best quality uniform provided by an employer.
High quality embroidered uniforms can inspire employees to be far more productive than if they are expected to wear lower standards of apparel with basic printed logos, which start to degenerate with repeated use and washing, far quicker than an embroidered design. It makes sense from a finance point of view to provide quality embroidered clothing from the start instead of constantly having to replace poorer quality garments with patchy printed logos which make your employees feel uncomfortable and demotivated.
With an embroidered design it is far easier to patch over old logos with a new design than to try a reprint over old logos, a process which has a mound of logistical problems associated with it. Taking last year’s uniforms or sportswear and creating a new embroidered design to go over it or to amend it, can be done with a more professional end result, and save you money in the long run.
If you have a larger logo which you require across a zipper and so it needs to be split in half effectively, embroidered designs can do this more practically than printing. With printed solutions the zipper is potentially going to be more of a problem to get the design exactly level, down the side or across the chest of a garment for example. Eagle Digitizing is experienced in designing custom embroidery to take into account a zipper or other item on the garment which requires the logo to be split but still look exactly right, so the two sides match up.
If you are creating a brand for a higher end market, selling using embroidery designs are almost always going to look more luxurious and exceptional in terms of quality. For example if you are selling bags or blankets as promotional items, or cute little gifts as part of an advertising campaign, retail sales are going to increase where embroidery has been used to promote to customers rather than the less impressive printed options. Where you are planning to use promotional gifts with custom embroidery details, but are not sure how it could work, contact our customer support for advice on how to make the most from your budget.

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