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Eagle Digitizing is a full service provider of embroidery designs

Here at Eagle Digitizing we understand completely that you or your employees may not be fully conversant with the specialized technology involved in embroidery digitizing. This is why we have a full complement of trained consultants will work with you to find the best value for money product for your business, or your clients’ business, plus appropriate pricing options. Our one stop shop is going to save you valuable time outsourcing the different elements of your requirements and allowing you and your staff to be more productive in the limited time you have available for each project or campaign.
Advice and guidance includes helping you to decide on the best thread quality and color for your embroidery design, as they vary and what works for one design will not be as appropriate for another. Our experience in embroidery design comes in handy here, especially if you are looking at using digitizing embroidery for the first time and are not sure what thread specifications to use. Choosing thread to make the most of your planned design can make the difference between a successful outcome and one that does not stand out as well as it could, so use our design team to your advantage.
We can take your artwork in most formats to create a digital file for sewing out, including jpg images which you may well have found and want a similar design for your own apparel or other product, such as a bag or blanket for example.
Obviously the better the quality of artwork you supply, the quicker we can digitize it, but with even basic information our artists can create a logo or image you will love, as they have the flair and specialized training in embroidery design to transform even the most simple of ideas into something unique to your company. You can send in artwork using email and we can advise immediately on how practical it is to turn the image into a custom embroidery design, perhaps with a few adaptations to ensure thread breakage is minimised and the end result has sufficient quality.
The phrase digitizing is bandied about a lot in the world of embroidery design, but it is basically the process of turning artwork into a computer file which your machines read and turn into stitches. The sequence and direction of the stitches is handled by a designer who needs to be a specialist in this field to make an outstanding job of it, which is why using Eagle Digitizing makes good economic and artistic sense as they employ only highly qualified digital embroidery file designers.
Pricing is clearly one of the most important questions on the lips of customers, who we know work to very tight budgets the majority of the time. Prices depend on number of colors, stitches, number of placements on each garment, the type of garment or object to be sewn, plus the quality of the original design and how much needs to be altered to make it sewable.

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