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If you are running a company that provides embroidery digitizing solutions for your clients, no doubt you will have learned through working with several different digitizing and embroidery companies that what is promised is not always what is delivered. However with Eagle Digitizing what you see on the tin is what you get, and this is why we have maintained our excellent reputation for nearly two decades in this highly competitive industry.
Using the embroidery digitizing services provided by Eagle Digitizing enables you to provide the best quality of embroidery to your clients, whether they are working in fashion apparel, sports, corporate or for individuals.We have experience in designing for all sectors and industries and have a huge stock of standard designs which can be adapted very quickly for your needs, or can start from scratch with a unique custom design that will make a brand really stand out.
We can advise on a range of issues around embroidery digitizing, such as how to save the files in an orderly system, plus we archive files so that if you lose track of a design, you can come back to us and we can retrieve wit for you without a problem. Eagle Digitizing has been around for a long time and we have a sophisticated archive and storage procedure which means that no matter how long ago you had you design done by us, we can help you our again at short notice and for a price well within your budget. So don’t worry if your custom embroidery originals appear to have disappeared into a deep computerized hole, or if your computer system goes down and precious design files are lost, as we keep records of all the designs we complete for customers.
It is sad but true that embroidery digitizing companies which don’t see the importance of proper filing and archive procedures are now out of business, whereas Eagle Digitizing has been around forever, and will continue to be so, as we take time to get the basics of our operation management right, so that customers can rely on us even when their own systems let them down. It is this attention to detail which sets Eagle Digitizing apart from the rest, who are too busy sending out unrealistic quotes instead of looking after their existing customers properly. We are expertly organized and this shows in both the quality of the design work we do and in the long term customer support we offer, even after the embroidery file has been sent away.
If a company needs to reorder but does not have the file name or content, we can retrieve your details with a few simple searches and then amend or update according to your needs within a couple of hours in some cases, depending on how complex your amendments are going to be. It might be something simple like changing the date on your design to this year, or it might be a complete change of logo. Whatever needs doing, you can guarantee we have been asked to do similar work before so there is no need to worry we won’t be able to handle your request.

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