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Eagle Digitizing sets the standard for custom embroidery

Not only does Eagle Digitizing set the highest standards in the industry for designs in custom embroidery, but we also offer our customers immediate quotes, the fastest turnaround times and brilliant sewability. We enjoy the competitive edge we offer customers, as seeing their businesses thrive is the best reward we can get for producing embroidery designs which really work for their brand.
Eagle Digitizing can deal with both small and larger projects and it is worth talking to our customer support team to discuss your needs before you go to another embroidery design company that might quote you cheaper, but won’t deliver as quickly or with the same durable and consistent sew out. Many of our customers come to us as a result of word of mouth, which is satisfying for our design artists as it shows the results have been successful with previous customers; certainly enough for them to recommend our services to others.
We’re honest with our customers, which also sets us apart in the world of embroidery digitizing, where you will find plenty of less sincere companies will promise you anything you want and then it doesn’t sew properly, costing you dollars you cannot afford to lose.Our honesty means that sometimes a customer won’t hear exactly what they want to hear, but we tell them the truth about production time and capabilities, and with a little negotiation we can actually take your original idea and transform it into something even better than you might have thought of in the first instance. There is no such thing as a problem here at Eagle Digitizing, only challenges with solutions!
We believe that being up front with our customers about delivery and turnaround works for them because they can then go back to their own clients and give realistic delivery times, so everyone knows here they stand. There is nothing worse than being promised your embroidery design immediately and then it takes an extra day, which means you have to put off your client for an extra day too – we avoid placing our customers in this position which is why they know they can trust our quotes and our delivery times, and consequently we get plenty of word of mouth embroidery digitizing recommendations for this reason.
If a customer comes to us with an idea for an embroidery design which won’t translate into a fully sewable end result we will guide and advise accordingly, and we have built our reputation over nearly two decades on being truthful and practical in this respect. This allows clients to adjust their schedule accordingly and this is always appreciated in the high pressure environment they operate within.
We will work through the night if necessary to get your custom embroidery to you as soon as is humanly possible, with amendments made and constant communication with our customers, so everyone knows how far along the work has gone. Customers really appreciate being able to let the end users know the situation and feedback to us that this is one of the best elements of our service.

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