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Eagle Digitizing produces high quality embroidery digitizing for demanding customers

Eagle Digitizing specializes in custom embroidery for a range of apparel including uniforms, blazers and jackets, shirts for work and sports, custom towels, promotional bags, hats and caps for all occasions. Whether it's corporate advertising campaigns, sports teams and events, events for private individuals such as anniversaries or special family gatherings, parties and celebrations, we can meet your custom embroidery needs.
Eagle Digitizing is the smart customer choice because all our design work is done in house and unlike some of our competitors we don’t take in your order then farm it out to another company. All our digitized embroidery is completed on the premises using state of the art digital equipment.
We can create stunning artwork from the ideas you provide and turn it into computer files for embroidery of all textiles. If for example you need to create a unique design for your team or for your work uniforms, all you have to do is send your existing logo and we will turn it into a digital file which can then be embroidered using standard machines so you get a consistent and professional result every time. If you are a company, sports team or individual looking to create a brand which will be instantly recognisable by your customers then custom embroidery products can do plenty of selling for you.
We are proud to offer competitive prices and value for money on quality apparel and sportswear, which is another reason why smart customers choose us time after time. Our attention to detail is not matched within the industry and testimonials on our website show we exceed our customers’ expectations. Because we do the work in house, there is no middle man to wait for and you can have your embroidery designs within a few hours in most cases, saving you time and money.
Eagle Digitizing has a hard earned reputation within a very competitive environment for setting an artistic standard for other digitizing companies to live up to. We follow current trends and fashions in custom embroidery techniques, colors and designs, rather than being stuck in the design dark ages like some of our less enlightened competitors. We understand how important it is for smart customers to have a modern logo stand out against others in their own area or industry. It is too easy to produce something mediocre and old fashioned which no one will notice, which is why we work closely with our customers to ensure the on trend result is something they are delighted with.
Working to deadlines is essential and we understand we are usually part of a chain of demand, where your reputation also rests on being able to deliver to your own customers on time and with a quality product. We respond politely and courteously to all requests and know the pressure you are under will mean you need our embroidery designs quite often within a few hours in preference to days. Call us with your requirements and put us to the test.

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