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The competitive nature of the digitizing industry, and how Eagle Digitizing stands out

You may be running a business producing apparel such as custom team jerseys, team uniforms or corporate sportswear, or indeed working on behalf of a company who does so, in which case Eagle Digitizing is a handy one stop shop for all your custom embroidery requirements. We have built a reputation over many years for these types of design projects and can show you a massive range of previous designs which may fit your own needs, or may give you some fresh ideas for the kind of original embroidery you are looking for,
We can provide a comprehensive design service to enable you to fit our entire sports teams or provide a couple of embroidery designs for smaller campaigns – no job is too small for us and we treat every customer with the same courtesy, regardless of their budget. This in itself is something which sets us apart from other embroidery digitizing companies, many of whom are only interested in clients if they have big bucks to spend. Whether you are a famous multinational or a local sports team updating their jerseys, we are equally interested in helping you achieve your embroidery design aspirations.
Many of our customers are from recreation associations and athletic leagues, as well as basketball and football teams wanting only top quality embroidery apparel. Whether you are watched by tens of thousands every week, or only a few neighbors, you still want your outfits look absolutely perfect and the quality of the embroidery is all important. We kit out boys and girls teams as well as adult males and females with the same attention to detail.
We have sports related clients who come back to us every time for their digitized embroidery and we are delighted to offer the same high standard of embroidery design no matter how many times they come back to us. There is a temptation for less conscientious competitors to get sloppy and complacent when they think they have customer in the bag, but we assure you we never rest on our laurels and constantly seek customer feedback to ensure we are providing the same high standard as first offered.
If you run a cheerleading team or are acting on behalf of a football or basketball team for instance, you can rely on Eagle Digitizing to provide only the best embroidery designs and we are happy to report high levels of customer satisfaction from sports related customers, as well as customers from other areas.
Eagle Digitizing is known as an excellent provider of embroidery files for sports apparel and work hard to maintain this reputation while other embroidery digitizing companies come and go, achieving a customer’s order once and then never again because the standard just didn’t hit the mark. Repeat business is our ultimate goal and we are happy to answer your questions in order to achieve this target with yourselves, for example if you have caps and hats, blazers, uniforms and other apparel of all tastes and budgets that need embroidery to add that final special touch.

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