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Embroidery digitizing demonstrates the pride you have in your company

Even if you do not have very good artwork to supply Eagle Digitizing, we can take the smallest idea and turn it into a superb embroidery design, and provide you with a finished article which would never look as accomplished or polished in a heat transfer or screen printed medium
Many companies are under the mistaken impression that digitizing is a very expensive service that requires much more time than it does to complete a design as a printed product. Nothing could be further from the truth in actual fact, because in modern times embroidery digitizing software is so advanced, the overheads are much less expensive than in the old days and consequently you can have a superior embroidered design for often much less than a less good quality screen print or heat transfer.
With the ability to produce extremely sewable designs down to the last and finest detail, you can have a complex and sophisticated embroidery motto, logo, slogan, message or image in just as quick a turnaround as with a printed design; and often quicker as you don’t need such large minimum quantities, just the file sent to your computer for sewing out.
Customers regularly send in testimonials to our website expressing surprise at how capable they found our designers to be at interpreting their ideas and turning them in to express embroidery digitizing designs. Where they had been considering taking the supposedly easier and quicker route of printing their designs, they instead found it was much less hassle and more cost effective to hand over the project to our graphic artists, who then produced for them a special and unique embroidery file for their machines, or their customers’ machines, to sew out without a hitch.
Eagle Digitizing would like to invite you to consider us as your partners in creating quality designs which have excellent sewability and a stunning end result. We have no interest in customers finding they have to go from one digitizer to another before finding designers who can produce what is needed. Or worse still, you as a customer decide you have had enough of embroidery digitizing altogether and go for the less good quality option of screen printing or heat transfers because you anticipate less hassle from the whole process.
Please do not expect your previous poor experiences with less well established embroidery digitizers to be replicated when you deal with Eagle Digitizing! We will work very hard and go the extra mile to convince you that the embroidery digitizing service we offer is fast, reliable and ultimately preferable to anything you might end up with if you go down the printing route.
We are very proud of the service we offer to companies and promise that everyone is treated with respect – there is no such thing as a silly question from our valued customers! If you are still in doubt as to whether to use a printed logo or motif, or have embroidery as your medium of choice, contact us today for a no commitment chat about your options.

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