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Eagle Digitizing offers a quality product

Eagle Digitizing uses high specification software to create numerous types of embroidery designs, and sequin designs are no problem if that is part of your requirements. Eagle Digitizing makes the application of fancy thread types to designs look easy as we use the latest embroidery digitizing technology and no job is too complex for us as a result.
Because our equipment has a deliberately straightforward and user-friendly interface, we ensure the design process is so much quicker and more comfortable than other embroidery digitizing companies may make it seem. Rapid production times and quick turnaround are our watchwords and we strive always to improve our quality for the benefit of our clients, and invite regular feedback to ensure we keep achieving our 100 % customer satisfaction targets.
Commercial embroidery machines will sew out our designs without any breakages or loss of detail because we take time right at the start to ensure the products sews out properly and efficiently. We check and sew out designs before delivering them so we can be sure you are getting the very best outcomes when you come to work with your own clients. The software we use means we can achieve your design in a matter of hours rather than the days it may well take if you should prefer to try out the digital file writing yourself.
Using a professional embroidery digitizing company is far preferable in most circumstances than using the kind of software available at lower cost or lower specification direct to embroiderers, and we would always recommend using our services not just because we want your business, but because our experience and equipment are going to save you an awful lot of time and money in the long run.
We promise the process will be quicker and the end product will be the most superior achievable, because we employ professional digital designers who are adept at turning ideas into sew ready designs, and know how to use every facet of the software we have installed to its best advantage. They have been trained to a high level in using computers to create end embroidery products which are second to none and know the pitfalls to avoid which less experienced or less specialized digitizers may well still be learning. Watch your business grow and grow as your embroidery designs from Eagle Digitizing do your selling for you!
Using embroidery software which is in constant development is really important to Eagle Digitizing as we understand that a designer is only as good as the digital tools they use. Our designers love working for us because they get to use the latest equipment as soon as it comes on to the market, and they can shine in the best way they know how, which naturally has a knock-on effect for our valued embroidery design customers. Just like our clients here at Eagle Digitizing we demand reliability and efficiency from the technical equipment we use, and we spend a lot of time making sure the software and hardware we employ is nothing short of the best available.

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