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Why Eagle Digitizing is the best choice

Best value and efficiency are trademarks of Eagle Digitizing
Eagle Digitizing knows the ins and outs of the embroidery digitizing process, and their absolute priorities are to provide their customers with the best value and most efficient turnaround in the business. Our designs are well known throughout the industry for their ability to minimize thread breakages, to run without problems on every machine, and produce professional designs. No matter where the embroidery is going to appear, we want our embroidery designs to stand out for you on your quality products, ensuring your customers are delighted with the embroidery designs which look not just average or mediocre but absolutely superb.
Many of our long term customers have run their businesses for decades and know the finest detail of what they are looking for in an embroidery design. Many know as much about embroidery digitizing as we do! Consequently they set extremely high standards and will not take any fluff or spin from companies they identify instantly are trying to take short cuts with their designs.
This is why we are proud to count these exacting businesses amongst our most loyal customers, since they know from painful experiences with other embroidery digitizers that great price and value for money are our operating standards combined with highest quality, whereas other may promise the earth and then just do not deliver. We forgive them for trying out other companies as is their right, but we are so relieved to welcome them back after trying the rest and then coming back to the best!
Other embroidery digitizing companies will often get them to change across to them, but we are often told by customers that they would not be prepared to switch for any reason. Part of the reason for this is that Eagle Digitizing uses the latest embroidery digitizing technology and regularly update this crucial aspect of our quality assurance guarantee. We use software that is easy and quick to edit designs and has top notch capability for the most complex or potentially problematical embroidery sewouts. Our embroidery software is one of our most important investments and we are delighted to offer customers stunning detail and durability of design as a result.
For businesses that have not used Eagle Digitizing embroidery services yet, we offer all the customer support and guidance you need and ask you to trust us for your embroidery requirements. We are happy to put our reputation on the line and say you cannot go wrong, and ask you to test us and see how we perform.
After so many years as top class embroidery digitizers, we are confident that you will not be disappointed with the results. We understand totally how important a polished result is to the success of your business and that without your success, as a company Eagle Digitizing cannot be successful either, which is why we put our heart and soul into every job we get from each and every customer. We hope that after your first project with us, you will be hooked and look forward to assisting you in every way possible.

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