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Reasons Eagle Digitizing is the top digitizing company in the industry

Looking for professional embroidery digitizing from a company you can trust?
If you are looking for a professional embroidery digitizer to take on your project you can trust Eagle Digitizing to provide same day turnaround with no hidden charges, making them number one in the industry. This company promises a twenty four hour turnaround as standard and makes no charge for estimates, which are also returned promptly and without hassle.
They take pride in offering formats for all embroidery machines and As a U.S. owned and operated company use the latest digitizing software to create perfect sewout every time.
One of the reasons Eagle Digitizing has maintained its position at top of the embroidery digitizing tree is that customers can speak freely and easily with customer support staff and get across the complexity of their required embroidery designs without having to wait for tedious call backs, which may never even come when dealing with a less well established or well-staffed embroidery digitizing company.
Our accredited service has been tried and tested over nearly two decades and we find our formula of outstanding customer service and talented embroidery design works every time. We have many reviews on our website testifying to the excellency of our services, and as specialists in our field, embroidery digitizing is all we do!
We understanding that once a customer contacts their chosen embroidery digitizer they want a quick quote, preferably yesterday and we don’t believe in hanging around either. We want your design created and tied off just as quickly as you do and will go all out to ensure you are happy with your finished product, in double quick time.
Over the last 17 years we have learned what works and what doesn’t in the world of embroidery digitizing. We have an immense library of stock designs and for custom designs we can get a brilliant finished file to you based on minimal information. So if you kind of know what you want but are not absolutely sure, we can work with you to produce a completely sewable product.
If you show us an idea which we know may have sewability issues, we will be honest with you and work alongside you to produce amendments which ensure your design sews out perfectly with no thread breakages. Unlike some of our competitors we don’t believe in taking a customer’s money and producing a design no matter what when we know from experience that there may be some sewing problems with it.
We believe that straightforward advice and assistance in solving challenges is the way forward and our long term customers trust us with their embroidery digitizing campaigns as a result, because they know they are dealing with a company with integrity at the heart of its trading ethos. We have found our guidance and advice sets out apart from the take your money and run competition and although they may get one off orders, customers rarely return to them time after time as they do with Eagle Digitizing. The proof is in the embroidery design pudding!

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