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Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is a technique of replicating an image on different products, gifts, textures, caps, branded apparels etc. By the term embroidery we usually understand the traditional method of sewing fabrics. Embroidery digitizing is a creative method of converting an image or text into stitches by using software. You may have sophisticated software and it may favor you but will not work without a highly skilled embroidery digitizer. They create some closely related files that are understood by software for better output.

Different companies promote themselves by using embroidery products and gifts containing their company’s logo. This has become a great method of advertising today. When there is an embroidery process in branding outlines, artwork and other intricate details are cared well. A single error on the part of digitizers can cause great loss and an irritated client. If there is an embroidering fault on the designs there will gap and jagged text that will be clear to anyone by naked eye.

In the field of personal life embroidery digitizing has become an important part. People order or prepare unique gifts and most of them are prepared by embroidering. As for example T-shirts, linen, badges, towels, trousers, and bags are the most popular embroidered products. Usually machine embroidered products are cheaper than hand embroidered one. Products containing your company’s embroidered logo will increase your customer.

Different sports organizations prefer embroidering practice to promote them. You can too. Because people like some sports club or team. So you will gain more than the investment.

In digitizing small lettering, 3d, 3d effect, cap logo, patch etc are applied. There are some embroidery digitizing company with experienced designers, embroiders and digitizers. So you may contact them for your desired embroidery.

You may practice embroidery digitizing by learning some tutorials and downloading free digitizing software. If you by any embroidery machine or any embroidery digitizing software, you will get a free user manual. Free tutorials are available in the internet. You may buy books too, but they are costly. You may take help from others. Free embroidery designs are available on the net. You may download this free embroidery designs from different free embroidery designs related websites.

A Short Embroidery Digitizing Tutorial
Draw the design or put an image on sketch paper with a dark pencil. Now scan the drawing into digitizing software. Save a copy of it in another folder. Now open the design with drawing tool area. Do some changes if needed by the tools. Apply stitch filler tool. Now select a location on where the embroidery will be performed and select color too. For free hand font additional software is required, download it. If you download and install it, you will get some additional built in fonts. After design task transfer it onto your reader-writer box. Now insert the embroidery card into your digitizing embroidery machine. After hooping and positioning your fabric you are done!

Some warnings:

Download free trial versions of embroidery digitizer, it will help you to test different companies.
Before purchasing embroidery digitizer, try out the features that you need.

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