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It makes good business sense to choose an embroidery digitizing company that concentrates solely on the kind of embroidery design projects you are interested in for your own business. After all you wouldn’t ask a landscape gardener to paint the interior of your home, nor would you risk trusting a fashion designer to install a new kitchen. Extreme examples perhaps, but you would be amazed how many customers go to a general digitizing company and expect them to have inside knowledge of the specialized requirements of companies operating in the world of embroidery digitizing.
Of course they can source stock designs for you and probably charge you a premium for doing so, but you will be missing the extra special customer support from graphic designers who work solely on embroidery designs all day long, and sometimes all night. These guys are passionate about embroidery design and can advise on the best ways to avoid thread breakage, for example, and other problems with sewability which are specific only to embroidery digitizing. This level of experience just isn’t available from general digitizers or for that matter from operators who have only been around for two shakes of a lamb’s tail. They are relative rookies when compared to the likes of Eagle Digitizing, who have more than fifteen years of custom embroidery skills to share with you.
One of the selling points of our service, we believe, is the superior checking service we run for all customers, which includes sewing our custom digitizing before delivery, several times if necessary, and checking for weaknesses which might cause annoying breakages later on. We make amendments as required and can redesign details, or the whole thing if you decide something needs to change. This attention to detail pays dividends in the end, because we get fewer complaints and many more reorders, since customers appreciate our attention to detail. None of this checking takes any longer than we tell you in the initial quote and we aren’t one of the companies which load on charge after charge after quoting a seemingly cheap offer per stitch.
The internet is our marketplace and we know how quickly word spreads when embroidery digitizing companies keep making avoidable mistakes. Word of mouth is our best advertising tool for our embroidery digitizing services, and the number of positive testimonials on our site would suggest we are getting it right. It doesn’t matter where your business is located or what time zone you work within; we accommodate your needs and work the hours we need to work until your embroidery design is done to your satisfaction.
Although you can keep your designs in your own archive and of course many companies choose to do so, we also keep a backup of your custom embroidery designs and this is accessible at any time of day or night. This is another example of our commitment to long term customer satisfaction which does not end when you pay your bill. We have a section for 'frequently asked questions ' which we hope will answer most of your queries, but please do get in touch of there is anything we can help with initially.

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