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A revolution in embroidery design using latest technology

Embroidery digitizing has helped revolutionize the art of embroidery design, and means that companies can make products with personalized logos or other designs much more cheaply than has ever been possible before. The process has been speeded up considerably with the use of computers, and involves the creation of a digital file, which is then read at source to create the embroidery design for sewing. There is a lot less room for human error and a more consistent quality of product can be guaranteed, which is always a bonus in these hard economic times. Wastage and thread breakage is minimized using our custom digitizing, because it is stored on a computer, can be used as often as the manufacturer requires.
Embroidery digitizing companies can be found across the internet, but only the best ones offer a guarantee to their customers that the technology used is protected from theft online. Hacking of sites to download confidential information is a growing problem, so on-going investment is required to ensure the embroidery digitizing software used is protected by the world’s best security, and this does not come cheap. Making sure this is in place should be part of the deal offered to customers by high quality embroidery designers, and these companies will refrain from cutting corners with this aspect of running an embroidery design service. As well as hacking, viruses are a continuing problem and these can corrupt files, so when choosing your digitizing embroidery contractor, it makes sense to ask what they have in place to protect your designs online.
The idea of using information technology to create sewn products is a little daunting for customers who have not used the process before, and this is why specialized companies are invaluable in guiding them through with plenty of expert customer support. Creating a computer file for an embroidery design is similar to the way a photograph is scanned into digital format. The computer reads a series of dots called binary code, which is what all computers understand, and this unique pattern of dots can then be reproduced by any computer anywhere in the world to reproduce the same embroidery design repeatedly.
Using dots in this way means that computers can store massive amounts of information, in a way that was never possible before the advent of the newest technology used by embroidery digitizing businesses. No matter how complex your design, the software can handle it and it can be kept by you on a computer for as long as you need it. Obviously there is room for human error in that an artist has to guide the creation of the embroidery design in the first place, but this is where the difference is clear between average companies which produce inconsistent results, to top ranking organizations which have been around a long time and have excellent customer satisfaction ratings.
Embroidery digitizing is a great idea from a customer’s pint of view because they can store remarkable quantities of designs on their desktop or laptop instead of devoting whole basements to paper based materials. They can set up computerized catalogs so designs can be located instantly, and consequently improve the efficiency of their operation.

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