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If you have not used embroidery digitizing before, chances are you have a few questions about the process. It’s true that in this business, in order to get a quality product, it is necessary to use the latest technology. Processes move on so quickly in the world of digitizing, but this can only be a good thing for meeting the ever more complex demands of customers. The bottom line is that if you come across a company who cannot do the design you need to your satisfaction, it is probably because they have not invested in the most up to date software, so it is important to choose a company which regularly updates the technology it employs. Don’t be afraid to ask when the company last updated the software it uses.

The days of getting an embroidery design completed by hand from start to finish are long gone. Although skilled sewers are still in demand, a lot of what they used to do is now done by computers, and in many respects this ensures a more consistently high quality result. Hours and hours of time consuming work can now be done by loading a file on a computer, which then sends the design to the machine to complete the process. The beauty of using a computer for a good part of the work is that editing and reformatting of embroidery designs can be done in seconds, saving your business plenty of dollars. Much more complex and unusual designs can be completed too, which is also good news for companies needing to use embroidery digitizing to stand out from the crowd.

There is of course a set of skills required to create the computer files which make the digitized final product. Trained graphic designers with an eye for color, contrast, sharpness and a range of effects are needed, otherwise the computer becomes a somewhat blunt tool. A talented team of embroidery designers can make the difference between mediocre digitized embroidery design and a stunning product. Ask about the creative skills and experience of the guys who will be designing in your behalf.
The best embroidery designers are quite streetwise, because they need to know a lot about lots of different industries and know what makes every type of businesses tick in terms of operating standards and customer base. Any digitized embroidery design they create needs to be relevant and appropriate for the industry in which the customer trades, or else it will be rejected. This insider knowledge comes with keeping up to date with trends and fashions in the world of business, as well as knowing what modern design should offer from year to year. No business wants a digitized embroidery design that looks out of date, awkward or is out of kilter with current trends in their sector.
Being able to provide what the customer wants is also a result of on-going training and working for a digitizing embroidery company that believes in investing in its staff for the good of the business long term.

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