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There no such thing as a typical day at the office for the graphic designers at Eagle Digitizing, which is just the way they like it. Every embroidery digitizing job that comes in provides fresh challenges and no one job is the same as the last. We thrive on unpredictability. This works in favor of our many customers, because it means everyone gets the same intense attention to detail. It does not matter how large or small the business is that places an embroidery digitizing order, or how great their budget it, or how well known their brand. We are firm believers in the theory that from little acorns great big oaks grow; the tiny order from a fledgling business one month can transform into multiple orders when it takes off globally a year later. We are passionate about the embroidery digitizing service we offer and never make negative assumptions about our customers.
Unlike a good many of our competitors, who think they can get away with making false claims about delivery turnaround, we don’t make promises we cannot keep. With Eagle Digitizing what you see is what you get on the tin, which can be refreshing in an industry where fierce competition means some less established embroidery digitizers will say literally anything to get your business. We have been around for nearly twenty years for good reason. The reputation we have built for fairness and honesty is based on being able to consistently deliver on time and with a quality product.
Many of our customers have been elsewhere first, before coming to Eagle Digitizing to sort out their embroidery digitizing requirements. We often hear about customers falling for the spiel offered by another online company, which then leaves them waiting days for their embroidery design. When they complain they get told it is somehow their fault. Eagle Digitizing’s record for providing designs which are perfectly matched file types and with outstanding sewability is something we constantly work on. This can only be achieved by listening to customers and acting on their feedback. Without our customers’ loyalty we would not have existed as a business for as long as we have.
All our embroidery designs get archived automatically, so if you need your embroidery digitizing file again at some point in the future, no matter how long ago you originally ordered it, we can resupply within a matter of hours. We plan on staying around for many years to come so you can trust our company to keep your designs safe and sound. The trouble with placing business with less established companies is that you do not necessarily know of your design will still be around, should anything go badly wrong at your end and you lose your files. We have an archive of many thousands of designs we have completed, dating back years, so your work is safe with us.
The process of getting ready to sew embroidery digitizing is so convenient when you work with us. We are easy to contact and will stay in touch as often as you require, providing regular updates and ensuring you have all the information you need about the progress of your embroidery design order. Should you want to make amendments part way through we are perfectly happy to adjust and keep adjusting the design until you are 100% happy.

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