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Welcome to a company which provides great embroidery digitizing quality at affordable prices, plus the ability to meet tight deadlines, which for many of its competitors is easier said than done. Eagle Digitizing is proud of its record of superb customer support combined with the flexibility to offer custom digitizing embroidery designs to companies of all sizes and operating across all industries.
This company is an ideal choice for companies seeking extra special designs which have been sewed out and checked for potential thread breakage before going out to the customer. There is great deal of time and effort spent by our customers on planning both promotional campaigns, new uniforms, employee benefits and client gifts, to name but a few of the reasons why businesses need digitized embroidery on their products.
We appreciate each and every one of our customers expect time and effort to go into designing and testing the ideas they provide, because to mess it up means having to start all over again and missing deadlines in the worst possible circumstances. Getting a disappointing custom embroidery design end result can cost a business a lot of money and damage their brand. We understand this and know how stressful it can be to trust a digitizing company with precious time and money, in effect.
That is why we bring all of our years of experience into every single embroidery design we create, and each job we take on is treated as special. There is no such thing as one design fits all, not do we treat each new customer as just another job. We get that attention to detail and customer support is crucial, and we simply cannot do enough to help once you come to us with your ideas.
Going the extra mile is not just something we roll out for the bigger embroidery digitizing challenges we are asked to complete. If you run a small business and are contemplating using custom designs for the first time, but do not want to invest over your head and want to be sure the service can actually bring a benefit to your brand, it is worth taking advantage of our free embroidery design offers to see what we can do for you, without any commitment whatsoever.
This will give you an idea of how good your products can look when digitized embroidery has worked its magic and given your products a memorable and high quality look. We can do free offers like this because we are proud of what we do and want to share it, and we are confident that when you compare what you get with what other digitizing companies have out there, you will have enough confidence in us to dip your toe in the water with us, and transform your products.
Customer satisfaction matters to us, which is why when you re deciding on the nature of your embroidery digitizing, you can talk to real human beings and benefit from the honest and straightforward advice offered by our support team. We are genuinely interested in working with you, and are always happy to help.

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