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Competitors in the embroidery digitizing sector come and go, but there are reasons why Eagle Digitizing is still around after nearly twenty years. Our position as the best embroidery digitizer in the industry is established because we concentrate on innovative and inspiring designs, superb customer support and the quickest turnaround in the business. Talking to our customers and listening to their feedback has taught us that customers cannot afford to have work delivered after their deadline; it costs them money and potentially clients, and that means they won’t use a slow embroidery digitizer outfit. That being the case we make it our absolute priority to design and deliver on time, every time. Professionalism is something our customers really value, and we ensure they are not disappointed.
Part of our commitment to professionalism is our attention to detail when working on the custom digitizing brief given to us by a customer. Each design is going to have unique elements, or may be something we have never worked on before. This does not faze our designers and they love getting stuck into a new challenge. While we do have stock designs we can provide within a few hours, but if your requirements mean we need to start from scratch, then we will do so and keep going through the night until we get your custom digitizing exactly as you want it.
We test all the embroidery designs before signing them off and make any adjustments needed, so that the final file sews out perfectly. We know that customers cannot afford to have thread breakages created by poor embroidery designs and make it our business to avoid this happening. There is no such thing as cutting corners in embroidery digitizing, because that just leads to a disappointing end sew, with flaws that spoil the finished product, and let’s face it, we want you to return to us again.
The internet has transformed the world of embroidery design and it means that companies can have their embroidery digitizing done in a matter of hours. It has also increased competition substantially, and this means only the very best embroidery digitizers survive long term. There is a need to be flexible and to have an in depth understanding of the specific needs of our customers, including what time zone they work in. Wherever you are located, including different time zones, we accommodate your schedules and normal working hours. Ours is the embroidery digitizing business which never sleeps!
Without a doubt you will achieve ales expensive quote per stitch from inexperienced embroidery digitizers, but what these guys don’t explain is that by the time they have stuck on a pile of hidden fees and cut different corners to get the job done cheap, including paying graphic artists who are less committed because they are treated less well, you will get poor sewability which often necessitates starting the job all over again. This is where our mission to get your custom embroidery design perfect first time comes into its own. We never take chances with the future of your business.

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