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Reasons Eagle Digitizing is the top digitizing company in the industry

Consistent embroidery digitizing results no matter where you are located.
Customers using Eagle Digitizing are consistently delighted with the speed of delivery from this company. As a major player in the embroidery digitizing industry, the business prides itself on speed of turnaround, from getting initial ideas for embroidery designs to creating a file, and then getting the completed design over to its valued customers. We realize than pretty much every custom embroidery job is going to be urgent at your end! For this reason we work as long as it takes to ensure you get the finished work within your deadline. We have been at the top of our game for a long time now and through experience understand that only the best quality, quickest fulfilment of orders will ensure we continue to be first choice.
The key factor in our success as embroidery digitizers is the fact that we are specialists in our field, so you won’t find us spreading our skills across several different digitizing specialties, like a lot of our less highly rated competitors. We believe that if you are going to do a job, do it right first time. That means we cannot afford to concentrate on any other aspect of digitizing than embroidery digitizing. This being the case there is probably not a single issue you can present us with that we have not dealt with before in our long term trading history, no matter how complex or seemingly impossible. We operate on the basis that problems are actually challenges and this positive mental attitude ensures no job is too difficult for our talented designers.
Our recruiters only take on the best graphic designers and artists, and these are people who have worked in digitized embroidery for most, if not all, of their careers. It is an art form to get a customer’s design how they perceive it, especially when quite often the embroidery design is something they have in their minds rather than something concrete. We take time to discuss all the options with our customers and our designers are adept at using small amounts of information to turn something vague into a first class embroidery design outcome. All the designs are sewn out before delivery, so we are confident you are getting a top notch result on every product you create.
Another aspect of our outstanding level of service are the tools we use to provide the finished article for customers. Technology moves on almost daily and it is important to keep up with developments, or as a business you very quickly get left behind.
Consequently our main investment in our business, apart from continuous professional development of our employees, is in installing the newest software and hardware to enable us to maintain our embroidery digitizing standards, when others are happy to let investment go, at the expense of quality. This has been our policy for close to twenty years and we have yet to be proved wrong; while others have fallen by the wayside because they have failed to instigate new developments, we have continued to expand and our client list continues to grow annually.

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