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Eagle Digitizing: Top in Knowledge

Over the last sixteen years, Eagle Digitizing have digitized logos for some huge leading and quality brands, including MacDonald’s, Walt Disney, Starbucks and Apple. Eagle Digitizing’s unrivalled knowledge of the digitizing industry and of the very best in digitizing technology quickly established them as the leader in the industry – a reputation which is firmly held to this day. One of the main ways that Eagle Digitizing remain at the very top of their game is due to their unparalleled levels of expertise, which they apply to every piece of custom digitalizing and every job, no matter who the customer may be.

Firstly, Eagle Digitizing is committed to producing the very highest quality possible in the completed product. Whilst simultaneously understanding the competitiveness of the industry and the fact that products are often needed quickly and urgently, Eagle always envisions the final product during the very first stages of production. This approach is based on a thorough and complete understanding of digitizing technology and the way that various embroidery designs will take on different fabrics. By applying knowledge in this way, potential problems during production can be avoided, which in turn helps to speed up completion and turn-around times.

Eagle Digitizing has been established since the early 1990’s. As such, over twenty years of collected knowledge and experience make Eagle the obvious choice for a customer who needs confidence in the final product and requires the highest quality without an extended turn-over time. From the establishment of the company, Eagle have been committed to configuring their systems, team organisation and technology to cohere in the most effective way: this is the best way to ensure consistence of quality time and time again.

Another guarantee offered by Eagle Digitizing is that any logos will be produced, designed and printed or embroidered to the very highest quality possible. A combination of exclusive graphic artists and expertise around the workings of a digitizer means that logos will always be printed in the clearest, brightest, boldest and most detailed manner possible. Graphic artists will work alongside digitizing experts to design a specially adapted logo to your specifications, which will take well to the digitizer and result in a fantastic final product. Because Eagle Digitizing has its own graphic artists on staff, these graphic artists have a specialist knowledge of the techniques of embroidery digitizing and can therefore adapt their designs to this very particular media.

There is a reason that Eagle Digitizing is the leader in the industry. Other digitizing companies simply cannot compete with over 20 years of equated and gathered knowledge and experience. By bringing these years of experience to every piece of work that is undertaken, the highest quality and reliability of service is guaranteed. Customers can be sure to rely on Eagle Digitizing time and time again for jobs large and small – after all, customers have been returning since the early 90’s, and their happy testimonials about the great expert knowledge offered by Eagle speak for themselves.

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