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Eagle Digitizing: Top for Value for Money

As a leader in the digitizing industry, Eagle Digitizing is in the fortunate position of being able to offer some unparalleled value for money. As a company, Eagle is committed to offering service and product packages that keep the customer’s needs in mind at all times. Also very important to the company is transparency and clarity about pricing, so customers know they won’t meet any unexpected and unwanted costs during the process.

General pricing is very clear, easy to understand and straight forward. Digitizing on logos under 5 inches (so, generally, cap or pocket sized) carry a standard flat rate of $25. Logos and designs over 7 inches (for the whole back of a t shirt, sweater or similar) have the flat rate of $75. Monograms and names using the Eagle stock of fonts are priced at $4 each name or monogram.

Eagle offer a wide range of fonts within their standardized font collection, from bold and square to delicate and elegant lettering, it will be easy to find a suitable font whatever the requirement and style. If not, it is entirely possible to use customised letter at additional costs, that will be clearly explained.

A major aspect that makes Eagle Digitizing stand out in terms of value for money is the vast amount of free services offered as standard to all customers. This includes free stitch estimates, free editing in almost all cases on designs until the customer is entirely happy with the result, and free format conversion of embroidery designs. In terms of edits on designs, an email of the digitized sew-out will be sent to a customer for their approval before anything is printed or embroidered. At this point, adjustments to designs can be made at no additional charge (however, it is worth noting that expert employees of Eagle have an in depth understanding of custom digitizing and know when to make adjustments to designs that will take well to the embroidery process).

Artwork pricing is equally clearly laid out. There is a flat charge of $15 in most cases for vector artwork files to be converted. In some cases, complicated designs that require a lot of editing work will incur additional charges, but these will always be clearly explained. In general, an additional charge of $20 will apply if any of the following three situations present themselves:
- images are particularly complicated and resulting blurriness occurs, which requires editing
- if any major layout changes are required, such as the rearranging of lettering or moving of objects within a logo or design
- artwork that is complex enough to require over 5 hours of working time from graphic artists
By and large, complex and difficult editing of complicated artworks is charged at $15 per hour. However, these charges will always be clearly explained.

Payments can be made using any major credit or debit card, as well as via PayPal. For returning customers who have established a business relationship with the company, cheques are often accepted.

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