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It can be frustrating to have very little to work in the design specification from your customer, but you can rely on Eagle Digitizing to use all their experience and professionalism to take the smallest details and turn them into an inspiring digitized embroidery design.  There’s no need to worry about having a disappointed, impatient customer on your hands while you wait for your customized design, because we will be on it and get you a 24 hour turnaround – speedy delivery of quality results is something we have built our reputation on over close to twenty years.

It may be that you have had disappointing results from a previous digitizing company are unwilling to get your fingers burned again.  Possibly you are considering buying yourself some very expensive digitizing software in your determination to not waste your time or money any more.  We would suggest that you put your plans on hold, and give Eagle Digitizing a chance to restore your faith in high quality customized digitizing services once more.

Eagle Digitizing understands the ever changing and demanding nature of the business of digitized embroidery, and the need to customize designs to match the modern needs of your customers.  We constantly update our graphic design technology and ensure our artists have the continuing professional development they need to keep abreast of the latest trends.

We have worked on thousands of great designs which sew out beautifully, with no need for trims.  Both your sewers and your customers will appreciate the expertise that goes into each design. It is part of our service to provide support and advice throughout the process, from the beginning where you provide your ideas, through to testing the design sewability, and then ensuring your sewers manage the completed design as easily as possible.

Our customers thank us for providing customized designs which are accurate and where edits are needed, the return is super-fast.  There are many embroidery digitizing companies out there and available thanks to the internet, but not many of them can claim to get the job done with the efficiency and consistently high standards we provide.

We understand that strong business to business relationships are an integral part of the customized design process and as such we are available by email, phone and online to discuss your requirements and to answer your questions. We simply can’t do enough to help and are known for the high level personal attention given to our customers, especially those whose require extra help and may have a range of questions because they are new to the world of digitized embroidery. Testimonials from customers demonstrate our commitment to being friendly, easy to contact, quick to respond to queries, and happy to go the extra mile to ensure you get the best deal.

If you are looking for excellent sewability and outstanding attention to detail, plus clean and fresh designs which sew out impeccably, there are few digitizing companies offering a parallel service at comparable prices. We aim to be your automatic choice for digitized embroidery and would welcome the opportunity to discuss our customized embroidery products.

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