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Embroidery Digitizing Technology

Digitizing embroidery designs means they are much easier to access, edit and format and they can be stored in different ways to ensure their safety and protection.  Having digitized designs on a computer means that artists have access to a world of different shades, effects, shapes and other visually appealing features which take the quality of their work to a whole new level, and this can only benefit the customer.

Digitizing existing designs means they are preserved for posterity and not only that, they can be reformatted and improved so that optimum quality is achieved. Original, authentic embroidery designs which still work well can of course be left as they are, but with the advantage of digital technology, out of date designs can be modernized and improved in line with current embroidery fashions and trends.

It is not simply a case of transferring a design onto a computer and sewing it out, however. Digitizing embroidery designs involve significant graphic design expertise, and this only comes with experience.  Even the most talented embroidery creator will fail to create a quality design if they do not fully understand the software they are working with, or can marry this with the right quality of thread, or can use their understanding of what designs are most suitable for different types of fabrics.  Consequently digitizing embroidery successfully requires a fine balance between technological aptitude, sewing knowledge and artistic ability.

The type of software used is an important factor in the technology, plus experience, plus art equation.  There are several software packages on the market for digitizing embroidery, varying in price and features.  Cheaper packages are going to produce cheaper looking, poorly customized designs, and so the type of software being used is an important consideration when deciding on the services and prices offered by embroidery digitizing companies.

Whether you are happy with pre designed digitized embroidery or wish to create your own customized design, the more detail you can put down beforehand, the more likely your designer is going to be to put together exactly what you are looking for. A quick sketch will help a lot and the scanned in drawing can be used as a start point for your beautiful end product.  The software converts your sketch into a series of ones and zeroes, or a binary code, which can be saved and eventually sent to you as a file for your machines to reproduce for sewing.

The most skilled graphic artists will convert sophisticated images into digitized embroidery with minimum errors or need for editing once the design is sewn out. They will be skilled in seeing the smallest detail before sewing out, as well as the big picture. Digitized designs will be far more complex than anything a human hand could draw manually and so are very desirable when completed accurately.  Any company worth its salt will sew out your design before sending it to you as the finished product and it is worth checking this will happen before accepting their quote. Testing the design for high precision sewability is a crucial aspect of the design process.

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