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Understanding the Digitizing Industry

The digitizing industry for embroidery really began back in the 1980’s. Shortly after computers became more readily available, more reliable and less expensive, Peter Haas’s 1970’s designs for prototypes of embroidery digitizers and computerized embroidery digitizing machines were taken up by the Melco distribution company. These very first machines used large looms, manufactured by Schiffili, which allowed for the quick and efficient embroidery of large scale patterns and designs. For the first time, labour time was cut down considerably and larger orders could be produced by even small companies. These first digitization models also became available to home embroiderers.

Eagle Digitizing entered the scene  and quickly became the industry leader by gaining huge multi-national clients such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Apple and Disney. The digitizing industry is a competitive one, with a number or large and small companies running in the market. However, Eagle Digitizing understands that the key to the most effective manufacture of digitized embroidery is a smoothly running system. With almost 20 years of industry experience, Eagle have been able to hone the very best system for the production of quick, quality embroidery. Unlike many other companies, the various digitizing experts at Eagle work as a team.

By keeping each stage of production in mind at all times, it is possible to eliminate the chance of problems during production. For example, Eagle’s on staff graphic artists understand the workings of the embroidery machines and can use this knowledge to create the most effective and workable designs. Eagle is committed to producing a final product that their customers will be entirely happy with. As such, all stages of the design process until the digitized file is uploaded will be relayed to, and approved by, the customer. Customers can also choose from a wide range of existent designs belonging exclusively to Eagle Digitizing. By doing this, it is possible to cut down on both costs and production times.

Because every member of the Eagle Digitizing team understands every stage of this process, customers can rest assured that a flawless final product is guaranteed. It is this deep and thorough understanding of the processes of digitizing that have made Eagle the industry leader. They continue to remain at the top by enjoying a large client base of customers who, having received excellent quality and service, recommend Eagle and continue to return to Eagle Digitizing again and again.

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